This blog was set up to support Brittany (19), Sydney (15), and Danielle Wolferts (14) in their quest to free themselves from abuse and neglect at the hands of their father, admitted pedophile Brian Wolferts. Brian has been found to be abusive by DCFS and admitted to being abusive to their mother when the girls were younger, and according to his daughters, he has continued to be abusive to them, their stepmother, and half sister who is now 3 years old. Recently the custody report that was submitted when Brian was awarded custody in 2010 was found. It reveals that Brian Wolferts has a "history of sexual contact with a child" and admitted to exposing himself to 11 and 6 year old girls when he was 23, and later masturbated to thoughts of that six year old. 

This blog is an outlet for Brittany to speak up about her abuse in a safe environment where those who are interested in hearing her firsthand account can read without outside attempts to discredit her experience or her motivations.

Brittany, who left his home the day she turned 18, and who is now 19, helped her sisters in July (when they finally had a long enough visit to Utah where Brian wasn’t able to monitor their every move) to seek official safety from Brian’s abuse. They retained a lawyer and went through proper channels including the court system and DCFS. Their day in court got delayed due to their father managing to use a technicality regarding proper service. He even moved that they not be assigned their own Guardian Ad Litem. As soon as the two younger girls realized that their court date got delayed indefinitely, thereby causing them to have to return to his custody after they accused him publicly of abuse, they ran away. That was on July 17th. They have been hiding ever since.

Brian tried finding them himself for six weeks before notifying the public that he needed their help in finding them to get them immediately returned to him. He has been doing everything in his power to get the girls found and returned to him before they can get to court and be heard. Twice now he has used technicalities to get their day in court delayed or dismissed. He has failed to offer Syd and Dani safe asylum to come out of hiding to be heard. School started and still he did nothing to get their day in court established. He has told everyone that his daughters who are well into their teens and who have been living with him 90% of the time for the past four years are brainwashed and lying, which is simply not true. He has done nothing to hasten their day in court, and seems to prefer they remain in hiding to them emerging to speak to the court. 

Brian Wolferts has had primary custody of his daughters since 2010. Almost a year ago, he moved them all to Kansas away from their lifelong home in Utah where their mother, sister, maternal and paternal grandparents, cousins, friends, therapists, schools, and well-known comforting church communities are. He only allows them to call their mother for fifteen minutes a week, using only his phone or Skype account, and only allows this if he is present to monitor their conversation. The successful isolation of his daughters is but one of the many ways he has abused them. They hope to address his other abuses with the court.

Please donate all that you can to Brittany’s legal fund. She is a college student with very little funds. Her father has shown he is willing to cause delays in an effort to render her unable to pay the exorbitant legal fees such delays create – which could also cause her to lose her legal counsel. She needs our help. All of these girls need our help.


  1. Only an abused person can even remotely describe and understand the pain they live with everyday. The abuser is bold, can act innocent and convince others of their innocence. Don't be fooled, look beyond. The outside and see the often hidden signs that are hidden because of fear. An innocent person would do all they could to give these girls a safe haven while the justice system does its due diligence, however a guilty person will do everything in their power to hide and seek revenge. Again do not be fooled by they "Poor Me" of an abusers claims, if he really cared he would face up to the accusations about him or let the courts do their job. May the Lord protect them from harm. As they face this struggle, and may they know they are not alone.

    1. You don't know how much I appreciate your comment.

  2. My heart breaks for you and your sisters. I fled my abusive ex with my young child because I was terrified of his abusing them the rest of our lives. He sounds so much like your dad it is scary and I can easily imagine what you have lived with and survived. I've also seen how the court fails children being emotionally abused by a parent. You sound so intelligent and self aware, you sisters are lucky to have you fighting for them. I hope this time the courts get it right. Blessings to you and your sister, I will pray you are kept safe from this monster.

  3. I wish I could help. But the only thing I can offer is to say that I believe you and I hope that you are successful in getting your sisters away from this horrible man.

  4. This is absolutely heartbreaking, and it is absurd that this man has this much control over this situation. My heart truly goes out to all of you girls. Brittany, you are so so brave. It must be emotionally draining to be the one fighting in the open, because you are fighting both for yourself and your sisters. You have true courage and you are an amazing person for looking out for the best interests of your younger siblings. Please don't lose faith, don't give up. Our justice system is corrupt, and things haven't been done the proper way so far, but don't stop fighting for what's right. Those girls need you to be the voice for them, for their safety and well-being, until they feel safe enough to come back into the open. Even then, due to their age, the legal system isn't too kind to minors (which I'm sure you all know by now). You have a beautiful soul, and I am sending lots of positive thoughts your way. I hope you all find the happiness you deserve.

  5. I am sorry to hear this. I hope the girls get a good lawyer and that they stay safe. The dad should be tested for being a psychopath. The lawyer should move for this test to be done, a brain scan, pet scan or MRI

  6. Brittany,

    As an abused child myself I truly understand everything you all are going through. I am now an advocate for abuse survivors as well as those in situations like you all. i work with local, state and federal legislators (I live in CA). But I am involved in many organizations that may help you girls. Feel free to contact me via email kimberle@surrender2wellness.com.

    meanwhile i will see what I can find through the resources & connections. And see if i can get something through the state you are in Kansas.

    Until we connect I want to say this to each one of you sisters;

    I know how terrified you girls are, I know it seems that you are trapped. alone, do not have anyone to help. I know how at times you feel you ca no longer fight, endure, that there is no way out.

    I am here to tell you all of those thoughts are not real sweetie, because YES you girls will survive, YES Justice will be served, YES you all will be free, YES no matter what your abuser does, says, or threatens feels real, IT is not I promise!

    In my childhood being raped, abused, threatened, kidnapped, and trafficked by my father, from infancy through age 13 I told myself repeatedly, " I WILL survive, He will not win, I refuse to give up..HE WILL NOT BEAT!" You get the idea.

    So now as a Trauma Recovery & Wellness Coach specializing in women like you girls I'll give you a little project if your able too do it.

    Each of you come up with 2-3 Little affirmations ( which are 4-5 sentences saying positive, encouraging thoughts & statements you can repeat daily...here is one of my favorites;

    " Don't give up. Let yourself have hope. And be brave. You are not alone."

    I am praying for you girls and will do what I can to help.

    Love & prayers...Hang in there help is coming I promise!


  7. If I can be of I help please let us know. Our thoughts and prayers are theirs.