Custody Report

Here is the custody report that gave custody to Brian Wolferts, admitted pedophile.

Actual Custody Evaluation From 2010_Redacted2 by sistermarylisa


  1. WTAF...Read through that and don't understand how the author could in good faith advocate for majority of physical custody (really ANY) with father. My guess would be there were untoward circumstances involved (i.e. bribes). And I am a pediatrician who deals with physical and sexual child abuse relatively regularly. Ugh. So sorry.

    1. Hello anon, thank you for your comment. I truly do not understand how they could either, and neither did our family and friends when they gave full custody to my father. There was definitely something going on behind the scenes.
      Ever since the beginning of the divorce, my dad would tell us that he was "friends" with the custody evaluator and other court officials. He said they hated my mom and liked him. When I was about ten, I was eavesdropping on a phone call from him to my mom and heard him threaten her that he had them in his back pocket and he was going to gain custody of us. If that's not enough bias--the custody evaluator and the special master (who both spoke in behalf of me and my sisters yet had never met us) shared office space, and there are many documented cases in Utah where the special master and my dad's attorney have "buddied up". There is a lot going on in the family court systems that is corrupt, and there isn't enough oversight. I'm still baffled that this ever happened to us, yet it's happening to many other families that have reached out to me.

    2. Fight with everything you've got! My ex-husband sexually abused our two daughters, and the courts and the LDS Church sided with him. He then went on to sexually abuse his second wife's daughter... for which he served 5 years in prison, and is now required to register as a Sex Offender. I know the state of Utah tends to look the other way when fathers sexually abuse their daughters, but keep fighting. Don't let the Church or Legal System get you down. I will pray for you and your sisters... and mother. I am that mother. Stay strong.

  2. I look at this case and can't help but wonder why the system doesn't care more about sexually deviant men getting custody of young girls. I am a mother who also lost a custody battle and it baffled the minds of everyone. My x however did alienate my daughters from me quite severely over time and it breaks my heart. I read your blog and pray that one day my girls will be as open and honest about what they really know in their hearts and not what their dad tells them. It's pretty bad news in this world when we are giving custody of little girls to sexual deviants to have them raised. You all are lucky I can tell you've had some really good influences in your life. Stick to those influences. Praying for you girls and your mom.