Roby Report

The following Psychosexual Evaluation by Dr. C.Y. Roby contains graphic content not suitable for children. Only proceed if you are 18 years of age or older.



  1. WTH?! This says that dad admitted to being turned on by children and has exposed himself, and his daughters are uncomfortable with his sexual behavior, and an expert said that it is unsafe for him to be around his children--yet, the courts thought it was a good idea to give dad custody? What is wrong in Utah?

  2. I agree and HOW is that not an "imminent threat" to the girls??? A pedophile father is DEFINITELY a threat to 4 young girls.

  3. It's not just UTAH...this happens everywhere. Pedophiles often times get little to no time in prison, even though their actions provides a life sentence for their victims, which, in turn, gives the pedophile victory because their actions are about control. It's very, very sad what we as a society continue to do to child survivors, and adult survivors of abuse. We continue to abuse them when they're older even, telling them to "get over it" and "Move on", not realizing that they don't know how, and that their actions are not anything they are capable of controlling because they've never received the specialized to learn how to love themselves. It's very very sad that it's not enough for a child to say "someone is hurting me" for people to respond. These girls have to have 9 tabs on a website with reports, an appearance on Dr. Phil, and numerous other things to PROVE their story. Their word is not enough, and it should be. I would have believed them from the start.

    1. Thank you so, so much for your comment. I appreciate your clarification that this does not just happen in Utah.

      You put to words exactly how thousands of abuse survivors feel once they have escaped their abuser(s). It is never over for us, when we become legal adults and are able to leave. Those who choose to speak out about the abuse get bashed because of the reasons you listed about moving on and being told to "get over it". (That's what my dad would always say after custody was transferred to him--he would be angry that we were depressed, and he would repetitively tell us to "get over it"!) Society shames the victims of abuse, and these victims learn to stay silent. This doesn't help them heal like they desperately need to. This doesn't help others who are being abused to speak out. No--this creates a perfect scenario for abusers to continue their work. It encourages abuse to stay hidden.

      Not all of society says and does these things. Comments like yours remind me that there are still people out there who do believe us, and it gives me so much hope. Thank you, again, for commenting. You are spot on.

      Before I published your comment, there was an anonymous comment in moderation that I just had to shake my head at. This person stated things such as, "you say your father has emotionally abused you, but there are no facts". I should have posted it--it is a remarkably perfect example of the way other people continue to abuse victims after they try to talk. This person obviously hadn't read the blog and explored the different tabs including official documents--but even if this blog only had my own experiences, it should be enough. It SHOULD be enough for a child to say, "I am being hurt".

      I choose to speak out for my sisters, but I also speak out for the many children and adults who are being abused and are afraid to voice what is happening to them. I constantly pray that this blog and this story will reach those people, so they know they are not alone.

      Thank you so much for your insightful and truthful comment. I think I need to do a post on this topic soon.