Roby Report Complete April 2003

Dr Harnsberger Diagnosis Sydney Celiac 12 Sep 2007

Letter from Dr Hyde re Michelle 21 May 2007

Letter from Dr Hyde with CV 26 March 2008

Exhibit A to Michelle Affidavit--Roby Affidavit 26 March 2008

Exhibit B to Michelle Affidavit--Email With Dredge and Polygraph Result

Affidavit of Dr CY Roby 26 March 2008

Verified Petition to Modify Divorce Decree 27 March 2008

Sydney's Writings - Journal Entries

Dani's Writings - Journal Entries

Brittany's Journal Entries 2005-2008

Michelle Supplemental Affidavit in Response to Order to Show Cause 11 December 2008

Michelle 2nd Supplemental Affidavit in Response to Order to Show Cause 11 December 2008

Michelle Polygraph Exam Results 1 January 2009 re December 2008 Affidavits

Michelle Affidavit in Support of Order to Show Cause 1 January 2009

Michelle Response to Motion for Order to Show Cause 20 May 2009

Michelle Response to Motion to Compel Discovery 20 May 2009

Michelle Affidavit in Response to Dredge Affidavit 20 May 2009

Actual Custody Evaluation 11 Feb 2010

Wolferts Appellate Opinion 2013

Temporary Restraining Order 30 June 2014

Transcript of Hearing 11 July 2014

Filed Petition Juvenile Court 26 June 2014

Filed Declaration of Dr. Hyde 30 June 2014

Juvenile Court's Decision on Motion to Make Findings...  July 28-2014

Motion to Dismiss - RDW 29 October 2014

Memo in Support of Motion to Dismiss - RDW 29 October 2014

Amended Petition for Custody as Filed 2 November 2014

Order to Dismiss 5 November 2014

Notice of Appeal 20 November 2014

Petition on Appeal 5 Dec 2014

Addendum of Exhibits to Petition on Appeal 5 Dec 2014

Certificate of Service of Petition on Appeal 5 Dec 2014

Certificate of Compliance 5 Dec 2014

Motion to Dismiss Petition on Appeal - RDW 18 Dec 2014

Criminal Investigation Prosecution Screening Response 17 February 2016

Record of Petition Service 27 February 2016

Motion in Limine 3 March 2016

Wolferts DCFS Report 17 March 2016

Order Granting State of Kansas Requisition 18 March 2016


  1. I must be doing this wrong. I would like to know how to help you.

    1. Hello Tinke, thank you for your comment. I think you submitted the comment correctly, I just had to approve it. The best thing right now for anyone who would like to help my sister's case is share the blog, or donate a little if possible. My email is if you would ever like to chat beyond these comments. Thank you so much for your support!

  2. I couldn't find a way to leave a reply, so I messaged you. I hope that was okay. I am sharing this story and if I can help, please let me know. Thank god for your mother & for you. The must be an attorney with a heart, who will come forward. Your mother is a hero for what she's done. As are you & your sisters.

  3. Brittany do you have the exhibits posted anywhere? I am researching as much as possible to help find any inconsistencies. Thanks!! Sending energy!

  4. All of the documents that you have recently posted are no longer showing, and when you click on them, it shows you have made them private?

    1. Hi Jen,

      Thanks for noticing this. All of the documents except the last four should be showing up. I needed to remove the last four as they are juvenile court documents and are private, which makes them much different than the rest of the public divorce documents. Stay tuned, I will be posting something in their stead and the information from these documents can still be quoted, which is what will happen. In the mean time please let me know if you have any specific questions about the case that I can answer. Thanks!


  5. What bothers me the most [ there are so many horrible thoughts going thru my mind as a survivor of molestation/child abuse ] is that BOTH of these young ladies are old enough to have their voices heard , especially since the out coming decision involves their futures...God Bless all of you and I pray/hope the judge has some devine insight shown upon him to hear what your sisters have to say [ even in a private meeting w/him and your sisters would open his eyes]