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The following are a few of the questions I've seen posted on the various Facebook pages that concern my sisters and me. I will try to answer each one honestly. I really appreciate your concern.



Q: Do you know where your sisters are?

A: No, I do not. I do believe them when they say in their video that they are safe. I really hope they are.

Q: Do you think your sisters are unsafe right now?

A: My sisters have spoken in the past about how they wished to run away to escape Dad's abuse. When they ran away on July 17th, I hoped that they had only run for a few hours like the first time they ran on July 9th. But when it was night, and then day, and then the days and nights stretched on into weeks and months, I figured and hoped that they had been smart and found a really safe shelter somewhere. They are smart, and they wouldn't have wanted me to be implicated so they kept their plan to themselves. I was relieved that they sent a video to reassure us that they are safe. I believe them.

I hope they have found a shelter that will keep them safe from my dad finding them and making them pay for accusing him like they have. I remember when I was young and my mom had to move us into a women's shelter - that was the safest I have ever felt in my life, because we were beyond my dad's reach there. I hope and pray that my sisters feel that same feeling of relief that I felt before in a shelter situation.

Q: What can we do to help your sisters feel safe enough to come out of hiding?

A: I believe that only the court can order safe haven for my sisters. There is no guarantee for their safety until the court establishes a new living arrangement for my sisters that is actually safe. I hope whatever the court orders is a permanent arrangement, since the court has already proven that it is willing to drop temporary safety that it orders (which is what happened when their TRO was vacated by the court). My personal opinion is that my sisters are safer in hiding until the court has officially ruled on a new custody arrangement, because living with my dad is truly harmful to them.

I believe that is the only circumstance Syd and Dani will feel safe enough to come out of hiding. They felt helpless and scared in the beginning of July, because they'd spoken out in full force, yet somehow the judge completely denied a hearing when he dismissed the case. I know how betrayed the girls feel by the system. 

Q: Why did you go to the meeting with Syd and Dani's Guardian ad Litem the afternoon that they ran?

A: I searched for them for over an hour until I decided to go to the GAL's to explain what had happened, and see if he could somehow help. I had hoped that their running away was only for that evening to avoid being made to have to go to our Opa & Omi's house (our paternal grandparents) who were scheduled to deliver them back to our dad. So I went to the meeting (more than an hour late) because I knew that they needed a GAL who would be their advocate and fight for their safety along with me and our lawyer. I wasn't there long at all, and as soon as I was in the Orem area again I continued searching.

Sadly, the subject of this GAL is moot; the Juvenile Court judge dismissed the appointment of this GAL for my sisters on November 5th. :(

Q: What exactly are the abuse allegations against your dad? What are Sydney and Danielle alleging beyond him just saying bad things about your mom (which is all they allege in their YouTube video)?

A: My petition includes allegations of physical and emotional abuse, verbal abuse, lewd conduct and comments. My petition also includes Syd and Dani's words and writings about their experience. All of us witnessed and experienced verbal abuse as well as seeing verbal, physical, and emotional abuse directed at our stepmom and baby sister on an almost daily basis. I will be sharing details about this within my blog in various separate posts. It is difficult to relive but I feel you all deserve to know why exactly my sisters and I need your help.

Q: Have you or your family been scamming people with your GoFundMe account donation requests?

A: Not at all. My attorneys are providing me with a statement that I plan to publish as soon as I receive it that shows fees to date of about $9,000 (as of November 21, 2014). My attorneys have told me that if we are able to get to court to have an evidentiary hearing to face my father about his abuse, that alone will cost about $10,000 on top of the fees already incurred. I still rely on the generosity of others to help me and my sisters. I cannot thank you all enough for your support, however large or small.

Q: Someone posted a receipt that shows that a family member paid the attorney $2,500. Was that for your case?

A: Yes, many of my loved ones pooled their resources to pay for part of my attorney's $5,000 retainer at the time I hired him. Those family members gave their contributions to one relative who wrote the check that created the (R. Holmes) receipt that was posted. Their sacrifice on behalf of my sisters and me is something I will always be grateful for. 

Q: Isn't it a HIPAA violation to post the psychosexual report?

A: No. HIPAA laws apply to health care professionals who are bound by this law to protect the health information of their patients. I am not a health care professional. Dr. Roby did not violate any HIPAA laws with regard to this report either; he gave his report to my father who was his patient.

I want to add that I shared the report because I am tired of watching so many people discount the claims of me and my sisters about abuse my father inflicted on us. I'm tired of people tearing down my mom as a brainwasher who did something to make us hate our dad. For example, when she tried to get supervised visitation for us with Dad in 2008, she was only trying to protect us, not make us never see him. My dad has some very serious issues, and the court disregarded the C.Y. Roby report. The court removed her ability to present her evidence as a punishment for her not being in compliance and for having a "thinly-veiled, hostile manner." Her "non-compliance" pertained to having only partially paid-off some of those court-ordered authorities who recommended she be punished. I can't believe that her punishment--even though she had tried everything to pay everyone--was to not let her present her evidence that clearly showed that my sisters and I were at risk of being harmed, and that my dad should only have supervised visitation during his every-other-weekend schedule. Instead, the court turned our lives upside down and gave my dad primary custody, despite the fact he had been unemployed for quite some time at that point. And guess what? My sisters and I were, in fact, harmed by the district court's decision. The effects of this mistaken order against all four of us will take a lifetime to fix. It seems insurmountable, at times.

Q: Do you think your mom is hiding with the girls?

A: I do not know where my mom is. I hope that she has gone to where the girls are and is protecting them since they are extremely vulnerable due to being abuse victims and minors in hiding. I have seen so many people tearing down my mom. It disgusts me. My mom is the most loving, kind, protective woman and I feel blessed that she is my mother. She does not deserve all the maliciousness being cast her way. She is amazing considering the abuse my dad inflicted upon her for so long, and all she went through in trying to keep me and my sisters safe through the courts.

My mom tried to help me and my sisters by going through proper legal channels. So many people are making ignorant comments about how she should be helping Syd and Dani or how she should have gone the legal route which would have been the proper thing to do. Well, she did. 

Q: Do you think this is just a matter of your sisters not wanting to live in Kansas?

A: NO. This is a matter of ABUSE VICTIMS trying to protect ourselves and our baby sister from Dad's abuse. My sisters are not safe in Kansas. I hope that my stepmom does the right thing and gets herself and our sister out of there, but I have no idea what kind of threats she has been given to make her stay. I am extremely worried for her safety and that of my little sister.

Regarding Syd and Dani not wanting to live in Kansas: of course my sisters don't wish to be isolated with their abuser in Kansas where he can and has severely limited their contact with Mom and friends and family in Utah. Of course they want to be away from the pain of watching Dad hurt and demean our stepmom, and hurt and terrorize our little sister. 

Q: Is it true that Brian had nothing to do with the court dismissing the case? 

A: NO. My dad filed a Motion to Dismiss on October 29, 2014, which the court granted only 5 days later on November 5th without even giving me a chance to respond to the motion. My attorneys are working on getting the court's decision dismissing the case reversed.

Q: Why does this have to be a "he said/she said" Facebook Trial, anyway?

A: The only way I can legally help my sisters get free from my dad's abuse is to take him on in court. The only way I can do this is with the help of the public in the form of donations to my GoFundMe account to pay for good legal representation. I also have a moral desire to tell the truth, and not let my dad's lies become what everyone else thinks are truth. He is a masterful liar and manipulator and is, I'm sure, loving all the support he's getting from people who seem willing to repeat his lies for him. It is astonishing to me how much support he is getting from people who don't know him or us.

Q: I keep seeing accusations that say Michelle brainwashed the girls. Is this true?

A: No. This just isn't true. I've been astonished to see all the people who would rather believe that my sisters and I are brainwashed than that my dad has abused us. Especially since they have all seen numerous documents from different professionals that show he was abusive before, and especially since we have Dr. Hyde who is trained and has 30 years experience saying that he believes us. Dr. Hyde is not just someone we found who will say anything to earn a dollar. He has been therapist to my dad, my mom, and my sisters and I throughout the years and knows us all. He knows my dad and what he is capable of. Dr. Hyde says my sisters will be harmed if they are made to return to my dad's house in Kansas, and he also says they will be harmed if they are not returned to my mother's care. That should tell you a lot.

Q: I want to help. How can I help you?

A: Donations help, obviously, because we are still fighting to face my father in court to determine abuse and neglect. I appreciate all the financial help I can get. So far our legal fees are at around $9,000. This amount will only climb until after we get a court to rule about this issue.

Words of encouragement online are also appreciated. Please post supportive messages online to my sisters and mom. Seeing nice comments really helps me feel strength and energy when I need it most. I'm hopeful they can somehow see the supportive words as well, and that it helps them like it helps me.

Writing out my truth is extremely difficult. It feels like reliving the abuse and trauma all over again. It is exhausting, overwhelming, and traumatic. I think my dad knows this and that also is why he seeks to delay the court. Your words and encouragement help me to press on in hope and faith that my sisters will be free going forward. My anxiety over the welfare of my stepmom and half sister is also extreme and I hope that your words will help her family members actually look into their situation intensely so that she feels the support she will need to help herself and my baby sister to also escape my dad's abuse.

Those who come forward with legitimate questions deserve legitimate answers. I appreciate the questions that have been asked. Feel free to ask anything in the comments below, and I'll address them as soon as I can. 

Thank you,



  1. I know in the beginning we saw something about trying to get the girls to come out of hiding by offering them safe asylum at your fathers own brothers home until they could be heard in court or something like that. What was the story behind that?

    1. Basically, my dad's brother and his wife offered to have the girls stay at their house. 'A safe asylum' meaning away from my dad where they could be free to express their feelings and get the help they needed, as well as go to school in Utah where they've lived their entire lives. My dad didn't let it happen.
      These were the same aunt & uncle who offered the girls to live with them on multiple occasions when my dad announced his move to Kansas in the middle of Syd and Dani's school year (which he refused).

  2. I totally understand the trauma you feel while writing out your memories and having to think about your dad and his abuse so much while taking him on in court. Please stay strong and know that people are listening, and know that people believe you. <3 You and your sisters deserve to be safe! I personally think, after reading your mom's documents, that she is also a victim of Brian's abuse and has been for a very long time. My heart hurts for you all.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Comments like yours really help me remember how many people out there are reading this and understanding how I feel. It's hard to talk about, but staying silent would be worse than anything I can imagine. I appreciate your sympathy and prayers, more than I can express.

  3. I would like to know if the authorities have been involved, Have they been made aware of the videos of the girls?, have they seen the girls journal entries? Why is it that even with the journal entries and a like do you think people believe that the girls have been brain washed?.

    1. Well, if you're referring to the 'authorities' being the police and law enforcement, they have been involved since the beginning. They've been made aware of the videos of the girls, and they've seen the girls journal entries. I was personally told by the private investigator of the Orem police that they would do whatever the court ordered them to do--he didn't care one bit about any abuse going on with the current custodial parent, he was going to find them and send them back. I've learned that any police I talk to can't guarantee the girls' safety. They say they will let the girls' voices be heard, but they won't say the girls will definitely end up away from my dad. As far as other 'authorities?' The court hasn't allowed me an actual evidentiary hearing. (See the Timeline & Documents tabs for more details). That being said, there have been many authorities in the past who have seen the evidence, and refuse to believe it. Which leads in to your next question.
      Personally, there are a few options in my mind as to why people continue to believe that the girls have been brainwashed. The main reason I believe they do? it's easier for people to say that. It's easier to believe that a man hasn't done so many horrific things that have torn his relationships with his family apart. It's easier to believe that a member of the LDS church who has served in high callings hasn't been abusive to his ex-wife, wife, and four daughters. It's easier to believe that this is just a matter of custodial interference, his ex is crazy, and the girls are all brainwashed by her--that all the girls need is to return to their father and this whole story will go away. This is simply not the case. I feel sorry for those who have bought into that appalling lie.
      I also believe that there are some that know there has been abuse, but are trying desperately to cover up. They are scrambling to not be seen as supporters of abuse. Therefore, the more evidence of abuse is released, the more they will claim that the girls are only brainwashed.
      I apologize for the length of this comment, but you asked some great questions that I have pondered for a long time. I'll probably be writing a post on this topic in the near future. Thank you.

    2. Thank you for your reply. I think judges rely on other 'professionals' to report on situations correctly. When reports are bias, or half done and leave things out then how can rulings be fully informed.

  4. Years ago I was in a situation similar to that of your sisters, but thankfully less complicated because it didn't involve a divorce. Also, thankfully, there were those who believed me. The one thing that made me extremely suspicious of your father was when he said that he was the "protege" of his mission president father. That may not sound strange to some, but when I shared it with a longtime friend, she felt it was odd as well. Your father and step mom sound like good people, but if these things are true, I hope the truth comes out soon. I'm so sorry that you're going through this, and that you're having to do it in such a public setting. My prayers are with all of you that what is best may happen.

    1. ^^In reply to Anonymous from Tues Nov 25 at 12:00 A.M.: I don't believe that Brian Wolferts said he was a protege of his mission president father. I believe that was written in the "about" section of Brian's Fundly trust account. The "protege" comment was about the trustees of Brian's trust, who consider themselves proteges of Brian's father. If you saw somewhere where Brian feels he's a protege of his father, can you show us where you saw that?

      Also, regarding your words to Brittany "Your father...sound[s] like good people..." I 100% disagree. Brian most certainly does not sound like a good person. What possible goodness do you see, because I'm seeing an abusive person who is comfortable cheating on his wife, throwing his 3 month old baby across the room, abusing his pregnant former wife, physically and psychologically abusing his baby girl, and tormenting and emotionally and physically abusing his current wife. He has emotionally, physically, and verbally abused his daughters who ran. I am astounded that you could read all that and say he sounds like good people.

    2. The person may have meant they “sound like good people” as in without the information in this blog and from just looking at an outsiders perspective with him being a mission president’s son and their facebook propaganda (such as the please come home, we miss you, and also the video they put out). That they do indeed look like “good people”. Which is why they later said if these things are true (as in this blog) that they hope the truth comes out soon.

    3. Thanks, that's exactly what I meant: that he "sounds" on paper to be a good person, but in reality he needs a boatload of help mentally and psychologically.

      The protege comment was from a Facebook group, and it was quite a while ago, so unfortunately I don't know how to find it again.

    4. Before any of us knew he was an admitted pedophile, the Allreds helped set up a Fundly trust fund set up for Brian Wolferts. On the info section of that trust fund, it reads: "Background. The trustees of the Brian E. Wolferts Legal Trust are friends of Brian E. Wolferts and protégés of Brian’s father Edgar Wolferts, who served as their mission president in the Germany Duesseldorf mission."

  5. It appears to me that some LDS members put to much trust in people. EX: Martin McNeil was found guilty of murdering his Wife after many years of his Daughters pushing the authorities to file charges on him. Remember he was a Bishop at one time. Stay strong and safe. I pray for you Girls, Angie and the baby. Someday this MONSTER will be exposed and his supporters can either believe the true or continue to stick their heads in the sand.

  6. As I read your account of how controlling Brian is with Angie and all of you, it causes one to wonder what Brian's home life was like for him growing up as a Mission President's son...it seems he learned behavior that is common in some Mormon families, for example...the need to appear as the perfect family...it could be that his mother was extremely hard on him if he were to make any choices that would cause people to judge them...If he speaks softly outside of the home to everyone else, and puts on the persona of a righteous man, and yet at home behind closed doors he is a monster... he very well could have learned that behavior from a mother and father who were hyper sensitive to what other people thought...(members of their church...This man has a mental illness and needs serious professional help...I am deeply worried for Angie and Abby...isn't there any way to reach her mother and her side of the family...so that they can intervene and help her get away from this abusive relationship...no wonder you Syd, Dani, and your mother fled this abuse...Brian's bishop should be made aware of the abuse that is going on in the home...intervention needs to happen...even if Angie does not agree...she needs counseling as well if she is subjecting her little daughter to this kind of abuse, and not protecting her...DCSF needs to be involved...and they need to know the details of what is going on in the home...this is damaging emotional abuse.

  7. Strength, resolve, honor, character of great worth...Britt, we support you...keep fighting...our hearts break for your sisters and mother...such innocents...

  8. My ex-husband is a sociopath who can seem very charming to some people but is vicious and relentless with others. I know how these monsters can put on an act. They often fool the courts, and statistics show that abusive men are more likely to pursue custody for the ability to control and hurt their ex-wives. Statistics also show that they are more likely to gain custody because they are cruel, cold and calm while the real victims look fearful and emotional. I imagine that is why this guy got custody? Regardless, if his adult and two nearly adult daughters are speaking so plainly and hiding from him, their voices need to be heard. The courts let too many people down.

  9. The whole world is watching. I believe you.

  10. I believe you, your sisters, and your mother. It sickens me that the courts in my home state are enabling such an abusive man. Even more that the community refuses to see this situation for what it is. I pray you will get justice.

  11. I had the pleasure of knowing Sydney for a short time while she attended school in kansas. She was always so sweet and quiet, it was a huge shock when my classmates and I found out about them running away. I recently watched the Dr. Phil episode and I was confused when all kinds of professional reports/evidence came out depicting your mother as vindictive.. After watching that episode I have been wondering why they would report that about your mother and award full custody to your father if you say he was the abusive one. I was just wondering if you could shed some light on this..

    1. Hi, Anonymous from 3/26/15 at 2:55pm.

      I apologize for my delay in response--I have taken some time off of the blog. First of all, I'm glad that a classmate of one of my sister's is posting. You sound very sharp for your age. I would be more than happy to help answer your question. Below, I've linked to two different posts where I talked about this in December/early January:

      Dr. Phil http://www.wolfertssisters.blogspot.com/2015/01/dr-phil.html
      Dr. Phil 2 http://www.wolfertssisters.blogspot.com/2015/02/dr-phil-2_3.html

      Unfortunately, the courts can choose to be biased. Our dad always told us that he was friends with the people who made the biggest decisions in our case (see the above links--I mentioned that on the show and they chose to edit it out).

      Sydney is very sweet and quiet. That is definitely her nature. I watched her suffer through pain of staying silent about what was going on. She would express the feelings that were being caused by our dad through journal entries, poems, pictures. When they came home from Kansas on their short couple of visits, she would tell me that she was suffering from depression (she had before their move, too), and that she felt like she was going to break. These are things I'm sure she was silent about in school, as she was trying to make peers like her (she was having a hard time making friends). I'm sure she would appreciate your concern on her behalf.

  12. You are so brave. I can't imagine the trauma you have gone/go through to put this all out there. You are clearly advocating for your sisters in a very selfless way. I commend you and pray for the happy ending I know your Father in Heaven has in store for you. You all deserve a happy ending.

    1. Thank you. Your words speak so much kindness and understanding.

  13. There is so much documentation that your dad was extremely abusive in every way imaginable. It's interesting how your dad and some of his family and other father's right's activists that only care about their personal agenda paint a picture like your mom was any kind of manipulator. Your dad has significant issues that were well diagnosed from what I read. It makes sense now how your dad and his people of influence forced your mom into a position of non-compliance so your dad could get custody and APPEAR like he was vindicated of everything. I don't believe any of it. He is as nasty as they get. Keep up the fight. I'm behind you all the way

  14. purplepaiger498/19/15, 3:41 AM

    To Michelle, Syd, Dani, & Brittany, Keep up the good work. Perseverance will pay off in the end. Keep your heads held high. My Ex was the exact same way as Brian. Its hard to live through & to heal from. I know this from first hand experience. The biggest point here is, stay hidden, be proud of yourselves, for your courage. Michelle & Brittany, what you both are doing is amazing,& courageous. God Bless you all & your mission.

  15. I have 2 thoughts.
    1) When I was a child my step father was very abusive and a drunk, in fact I am sure he was the "town drunk". When I called the police they never listened or came. They told me to let him sleep it off. As a child I didn't understand why they wouldn't come. This is very destructive for a child. I thought my mom was stupid and I didn't understand why she wasn't on my side. One day when no one was home but my step dad and I, he tried to kill me. Luckily I had learned some self defense or I would be buried in the ground. I didn't even call the police. Why bother?
    I started drinking, doing drugs, having sex and running away. My mother knew he was abusive. The community knew it. The police knew. Other family members knew it. In fact it felt like I was being blamed. I'm the one who got sent to counseling. But I had no power or control. The police didn't come because of the connection my step father had with the PD. (Now, they could be sued.)
    It is so hard to be a minor living with abuse and no one listens and fights for you.
    2) why did the father have custody? I am not trying to pass judgement. I just don't know the history.
    Wait, I have a 3rd question. Who are these judges? Are they elected officials? If so, why are they still in office? Sounds to me like the case needs to go before different judges if that is possible.

  16. I find it highly unimaginable that Dr. Phil can constantly state how much experience he has had in the field of psychology, yet he looks at nothing that speaks volumes of abuse or manipulation. Dr. Phil has a product to sell. He has rarely said that anything is incurable. Everything has a cure, and he always has a program to reunite families or fix a person. He calls it wrong quite often, and saying that the court is the answer for this family is been proven totally wrong. This family has not been given justice in court or on Dr. Phil's show. I pray that wiser, fairer, non-greedy minds will prevail. This was a Dr. Phil FAIL.