January 22, 2016


Sydney, Dani and I have suffered long enough watching our mother being pinned with untruthful accusations of "coaching/alienating/brainwashing" us. In addition to the many facts that point to the truth, I would like to briefly share my personal experience. My mom tried so hard to do the right thing and change the subject or bring up Dad's good traits when we would talk about the awful things he was doing and saying to us. I would see the pain in her eyes as we expressed the fears we had around him, but she wouldn't talk to us about them. It made me so confused, because she didn't validate the things we were saying--let alone encourage us to ever talk bad about Brian in the slightestI didn't understand until I was older that the courts told both parents they weren't supposed to ever put the other parent down or talk about court proceedings to the children.

The extremely confusing part to us was that our father was the one constantly putting her down, while he told the world that his ex-wife was alienating his children against him and "coached" us into making up abuse. We watched our father get away with everything--treating us abusively, trying to hurt our relationship with our mother, constantly telling us about court proceedings and threatening us to never speak "bad" about him to ANYONE--and yet our time with him only lengthened.

Our dad uses this "brainwashing" argument against my mom because it's an effective way of killing multiple birds with one stone--if he can convince people that our mom had coached us, then it not only invalidates anything my mom experienced but also discounts anything my sisters and I have suffered from at his hands.

When Mr. Ron Wilkinson stated to the news that these are the same allegations my mom (Michelle) has been accusing for years, he is essentially claiming that instead of the abuse my sisters and I have suffered being a true fact, our real experiences are somehow the effect of "brainwashing" by our mother. These wrongful accusations have been created by our alienating, brainwashing, abusive dad.  

Because my dad instantly began claiming my mother was mentally ill from the moment she began to believe our reports that he was abusing us (he would always tell her that we were lying), my mother began asking to take psychological tests.  The following is only one of several healthy results:

"Unsubstantiated" Abuse

My dad's attorney Ron Wilkinson has been making statements to news crews regarding the abuse allegations that aren't true. I don't always discuss responses of my dad and his attorney, but the following statement he made to the Daily Herald needs to be addressed. (Click here to read the full article.)

In this post, I'm going to discuss why Wilkinson's statement is untrue to the highest degree. It will follow into the next post which will discuss the brainwashing/alienation/coaching accusations against my mother, and how my sisters and I have not been "coached" into talking about fabricated abuse. Everything we have talked about is what we have experienced firsthand, and there are many documents and professional evaluations that speak of this truth.

FACTS regarding substantiated abuse:

1) On January 3, 2005, DCFS SUBSTANTIATED domestic related child abuse and neglect against my dad because among other things, we had witnessed him attempting to throw my mom down the stairs. That was only one out of the uncountable acts of violence he committed against my mother, myself and my sisters. My sisters and I never had the opportunity to tell DCFS about all of the physical abuse he frequently committed against us, because of the fact that abused children usually cannot instantly recall random, traumatic memories during very short interview(s) done by relative strangers. Especially when it is a stranger who they believe will report to their Dad, who will then punish us through further severe emotional abuse for speaking out (Remember, this is our same father who punishes us for something as simple and harmless as breathing or blinking).

2) I have the entire DCFS document that proves the fact that DCFS clearly did support a finding of abuse against my Dad, and that they documented both their conversation and their letter to my dad informing him they had substantiated abuse against him. My dad's attorney Mr. Wilkinson, the GAL Kelly Peterson and the Special Master Sandra Dredge had all received copies of the DCFS substantiated abuse against my dad, yet Ron Wilkinson still made the statement, "the allegations are unsubstantiated claims made by his ex-wife Michelle to gain custody" to the news.

3) Crime Victim's Reparations paid for my therapy because of my Dad's abuse.

4) My father Brian Wolferts addmitted to a history of sexual contact with a child for which he was neither investigated nor charged for a crime. Brian also

January 18, 2016

Interview with Dr. Hyde

Full interview with KUTV and Dr. Randy Hyde at the Wolferts' rally on January 9th, 2016. Click here to read Dr. Hyde's declaration made in June of 2014 during a visit with the girls the month before they ran.

January 15, 2016

His "Possessions"

I have been approved for supervised visitation once a week. I was so grateful to find out that I could see them last night. As soon as they saw me their faces lit up in a huge smile and they ran to me for a hug, and we all laughed and cried all at the same time. They're almost as tall as me, and they've changed so much. They told me that they were so glad to know that I've been fighting for them. We spent the entire visit laughing and catching up--they had so many stories and they're so relieved to be in Utah.

The detention center is as friendly as a state prison can be. It's definitely not where Syd and Dani should be, but they're good sports and even joked about how scared the other delinquents are of them, and wonder what the girls did to get two sisters in jail. At one point Syd said, "It can be lonely and it's hard not to feel like I've done something bad to be placed here," and then she added somberly, "but it's nothing compared to how I've felt my whole life" (referring to how she always felt isolated and how she felt like she was always doing something wrong at dad's). Dani nodded her head in agreement. Later, Sydney and Dani expressed to me how at dad's house they would always look at peers in school and wonder if they were going through the same pain they secretly were. It broke my heart that I wasn't allowed to discuss anything about the situation with them, and I tried my best to change the subject but also let them know I understood.
As far as the immediate placement of the girls is concerned after today's hearing, nothing has yet changed. In their detention review hearing it was ordered that they are to safely remain in Slate Canyon at least until the next hearing, which will take place in a week. However...
It has been made known that my dad started the requisition process immediately after the first hearing. The definition of requisition is "an official order laying claim to the use of property or materials" (the legal definition is very similar). This means the girls would be moved to Kansas against their will and by BRUTE FORCE as possessions, not people.
An example of the way I've always seen my dad manipulate the truth is the way he's been telling the media and news that he's "happy the girls are in Utah" and wants them to "have a voice", while he's been working simultaneously on this violent removal process which strips them of all rights. The girls have as many rights as fetal tissue, at this point. This is extortion.
What my dad is doing right now is one of thousands of examples of how my tries to present himself the exact opposite of who he is. I'm sick at the thought of my sisters being treated like nothing, and being dragged to Kansas against their will. I'm so worried for them.

January 14, 2016

Daily Herald Article

Click here to read yesterday's Daily Herald update.

Slowly, the true story is getting out. Other than a couple incorrect words, the Daily Herald did an incredible job at sharing the Wolferts Sisters' story with the public. (For example, when it mentions "pedophilia" allegations vs. the physical, emotional and psychological abuse allegations. The C.Y. Roby report discusses my dad's sexual arousal towards children but that's not what I've tried to take him to court for)

Tomorrow is another court hearing, I will keep you all updated appropriately. Thank you all for the fasting and prayers offered, I know it has helped the girls stay strong and stay in Utah. Love you all!

January 12, 2016

Hopeful Update

Click here for today's KUTV Channel 2 update.

On Monday, it was ordered that Sydney and Danielle will be staying in detention in Utah rather than moved to Kansas. Their GAL spoke that the girls absolutely REFUSED to go to Kansas and wanted to be in Utah, where their support system of family, friends, church associates and school peers have been for their entire lives. 

I was so relieved to hear the Guardian ad Litem represent that the girls are now officially enrolled in school, that they are completely up-to-date with school work (even beyond normal qualifications) because of the online schooling they did while they were in hiding, and that they are healthy (other than Syd having a cold this week). I'm not sure what exactly will come next but the court will most likely consider who the girls will be placed with.

I am so grateful that the girls have someone to represent them and truly speak for them! The girls will finally have a chance to have a voice. It is still a very real threat that my dad will try to get them back to Kansas. He has stated that he is saving his one trip to Utah to 'make it count' and take them back. I am supremely concerned that if they return to him, he will try to place them in a threat therapy program and they will be damaged and victimized for trying to speak out.

I have not yet been able to visit with the girls and talk to them in person, my dad's parents have been the only ones allowed to see them so far. This is violating the girls rights and they need to be able to choose to visit (or at least call) anyone they wish. I will keep you updated (as much as is appropriate) as there are many court hearings to come. Thank you all for your prayers and fasts, I know that prayers were answered yesterday and the Lord is watching. 

January 9, 2016

Rally News Post

To watch today's news exclusive release on the girls, click here.

Thank you so much to everyone who came! If you were a bystander who witnessed the rally or watched the news, please get in touch with us through the Facebook page "Brittany Wolferts". Daily updates are posted and we will be posting information for upcoming rallies.

January 8, 2016

Wolferts Sisters Rally

Critical Information: We have organized a rally in behalf of the girls Saturday, January 9th at 10am in Orem, Utah. PLEASE COME and SHARE this information with all those who have wished to support them in the past. You can join this event here on Facebook, the address and additional information will be announced shortly. This is a "final stand" moment and a plea to come share your support.
Emergency Update: Sydney and Dani are being held incommunicado and against their will at Slate Canyon, a juvenile state prison. They are at great risk of being sent back to our abusive father at any given time. They are also being denied their right to an attorney. (The difference between a GAL and private attorney: a GAL speaks on behalf of the court and their opinion of what is in the girls' best interests while an atty speaks directly for the girls.) They are being denied any form of contact to anyone they trust and I know our father will do absolutely everything in his power to keep them silent until he has them in his grip and can silence them forever (more can be read on my last post).
Please come to the rally in support of the girls and their freedom! Feel free to contact us on the Brittany Wolferts official Facebook page and "like" for daily updates. If you are able to donate, here is the link to their legal fund. 
See you soon,

Returning to Kansas

Throughout the happenings this week, I can't stop thinking about how my sisters told me over and over that they would run away rather than return to our dad. Then they ran. My sisters have also told me over and over that they would rather die than suffer his abuse alone, isolated from all friends and family like they were in Kansas. I am completely terrified that my sisters are going to harm themselves, run away again, or worse if they are sent back to him. My father has never offered them a place they feel safe. He continues to tell people the girls are brainwashed which I KNOW is not true.

I KNOW what the girls face if they're sent back to my father. I know because I lived it with them, and they told me he worsened even more after the move to Kansas (this was 6 months after I turned 18 and promised I would help them get out). I cannot stress the extent of the severe psychological (and even physical) punishment that he will exercise upon them.

Please, if you're never had an abusive parent, don't discount my words. You don't know what abusers are capable of. My father Brian Wolferts can and will do all he can to make my mother Michelle pay, even if it harms his own daughters. He will also do all he can to make the girls pay for speaking out against him in July of 2014, and for the 18 months they have been free from him.

This post is a desperate plea from Sydney and Dani's sister who suffered at the hands of the same abuser. If they're sent back to Kansas, I fear these things WILL take place.

January 5, 2016

Brian's Reaction

Today I was asked by one of the news reporters, "What do you think your dad will say when he begins interviewing, and what is your response to that?" I decided that this would be very important to post.

1) He will continue to claim brainwashing. Our entire lives my dad's main response to anything we've stated against him has been "they're brainwashed by their mother" and/or "they're lying". He has also told people that I am manipulative, a liar, am trying to ruin his life. So of course I know this will be the response to any media when asked about the abuse allegations all three of us have made against him.

2) My dad is talking about sending the girls into therapy. I would like to talk about what he means when he says "therapy", and what kind of therapy he put them/me in before. Not long after the custody change to my dad in 2010, my dad put us in therapy at a place called the Greenhouse in Pleasant Grove, Utah (where we were living). He told us that our church ward was paying. It was apparent from the beginning to all three of us that he had influenced the counseling center to believe that we had been brainwashed by our mother, and that the purpose of counseling was to reverse that. We were guided to talk about our mother and if we brought up anything our father was doing, we were directed back to the subject of our mom. It was obvious that he was closely updating how the sessions were going and what was said during our meetings, which were supposed to be completely private. 

Not long after starting, all of our counselors began saying, "It feels like there is an elephant in the room. There is something that is being held back". We knew in our minds and hearts that it was our father's abuse that we were going through at that very moment and we wanted to talk about it so badly. We were in pain because while we suffered abuse in my father's home we were being treated for healing from non-existent brainwashing against him and repairing our relationship with our father. What we needed was healing from current abuse we were experiencing at home caused by our dad. I can't speak specifically for Sydney and Danielle's counselors, but the girls did confide in me that the following circumstances happened similar for them:

January 4, 2016

Found and Silenced

At 3:05 A.M. on January 3, 2016, I received a phone call that my mother and sisters had been found in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  I was relieved to know they were alive and together, but worried about their overall state of being and desperately wanted to see them. (To read more how I was treated when I went to the Orem Police Department, read this post on Facebook.)

No more than a few minutes after I made my first Facebook post, the OPD posted this update stating they were holding my sisters for our father, Brian (screenshot on the right). In the press conference with Lt. Craig Martinez--which was partially aired on news channels tonight--he stated that it would be one or two weeks at most until the girls were reunited with Brian, and they would "probably" be going through some kind of process with DCFS.

This means that I have a week (two, at most) to fight for my sisters legally, without having any knowledge of where they are. They are said to be in the "state's custody", but they are not currently with Slate Canyon or any other youth facilities in the area. I'm concerned for their physical, emotional and mental welfare if they are simply delivered into the hands of our abusive father with no contact to anyone else, let alone legal protection or someone to help them have a voice. Please, please donate to my GoFundMe so that I can keep taking legal action the best I can.

My mother was recently bailed, and I have been reunited with her. She was interviewed by many of the news channels today, and KUTV is the only news channel to have posted the entire interview without cuts. Watch below:

Links to the various news articles published today:
Daily Herald

Link to another blog post made regarding my sisters today:
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Many of you have asked what you can do to help. I would ask to please include Sydney and Danielle in your prayers at this time. Please donate, if you can, so that I can fight for them to be heard and not placed back with our father silently. Please share their story by sharing this blog, until they are able to have the proper legal representation that they so deserve.