January 15, 2016

His "Possessions"

I have been approved for supervised visitation once a week. I was so grateful to find out that I could see them last night. As soon as they saw me their faces lit up in a huge smile and they ran to me for a hug, and we all laughed and cried all at the same time. They're almost as tall as me, and they've changed so much. They told me that they were so glad to know that I've been fighting for them. We spent the entire visit laughing and catching up--they had so many stories and they're so relieved to be in Utah.

The detention center is as friendly as a state prison can be. It's definitely not where Syd and Dani should be, but they're good sports and even joked about how scared the other delinquents are of them, and wonder what the girls did to get two sisters in jail. At one point Syd said, "It can be lonely and it's hard not to feel like I've done something bad to be placed here," and then she added somberly, "but it's nothing compared to how I've felt my whole life" (referring to how she always felt isolated and how she felt like she was always doing something wrong at dad's). Dani nodded her head in agreement. Later, Sydney and Dani expressed to me how at dad's house they would always look at peers in school and wonder if they were going through the same pain they secretly were. It broke my heart that I wasn't allowed to discuss anything about the situation with them, and I tried my best to change the subject but also let them know I understood.
As far as the immediate placement of the girls is concerned after today's hearing, nothing has yet changed. In their detention review hearing it was ordered that they are to safely remain in Slate Canyon at least until the next hearing, which will take place in a week. However...
It has been made known that my dad started the requisition process immediately after the first hearing. The definition of requisition is "an official order laying claim to the use of property or materials" (the legal definition is very similar). This means the girls would be moved to Kansas against their will and by BRUTE FORCE as possessions, not people.
An example of the way I've always seen my dad manipulate the truth is the way he's been telling the media and news that he's "happy the girls are in Utah" and wants them to "have a voice", while he's been working simultaneously on this violent removal process which strips them of all rights. The girls have as many rights as fetal tissue, at this point. This is extortion.
What my dad is doing right now is one of thousands of examples of how my tries to present himself the exact opposite of who he is. I'm sick at the thought of my sisters being treated like nothing, and being dragged to Kansas against their will. I'm so worried for them.


  1. Glad you got to see them!!

  2. Lynell Dangerfield The grandmother omi, has covered up Brian Wolferts sins his entire life, and is doing so now. She has treated Brittany in a terrible manner, and would rather her darling granddaughters return to this monster, to protect her "perfect" family image! This family has secrets, and they hide them. The grandmother has ruled with an iron fist, and created a monster. I am beyond angry with this situation! These girls are old enough to know abuse, they thought that all families were like theirs when they were litttle, they knew nothing else! When they got older, they realized that their misery at the hands of Brian was not normal, and that it was abuse! Shame on the Wolferts family

  3. REQUISITION. The act of demanding a thing to be done by virtue of some right. 2. The constitution of the United States, art. 4, s. 2, provides that fugitives from justice shall be delivered up to the authorities of the state from which they are fugitives, on the demand of the executive from such state.

    1. Oh, hi, Brian's attorney. Perhaps you can spell out the definition of "PEDOPHILE" for us. Please include the laws and article numbers that protect children from being ordered to live with a parent with a "history of sexual contact with a child" and polygraph admissions of masturbating to thoughts of young girls he exposed himself to when he was well into adulthood. Thanks.

    2. Thank you for specifying the legal definition. I'll most likely be editing the original post to include the definition in terms of humans: "A formal request of one government to another demanding the return of a criminal or fugitive".

      In either regard, my father is not a government body and though the girls are in a juvenile detention center they are not criminals.

  4. It sounds like Brian Wolferts has changed his tune from just a few days ago when he said, "I have always given my daughters a voice and never more then now." "I believe the courts will be thorough and will weigh everything before making a decision" Do they only have a voice if they say what he wants to hear? Poor girls.

  5. Thank God! They must have retained an ounce of freedom of thought and not succumbed to Stocholm Syndrome. I lost my two sons when family court legalized child abuse & condoned the other parent's manipulation & tactics of neural linguistic programming. Stay strong young ladies.