January 12, 2016

Hopeful Update

Click here for today's KUTV Channel 2 update.

On Monday, it was ordered that Sydney and Danielle will be staying in detention in Utah rather than moved to Kansas. Their GAL spoke that the girls absolutely REFUSED to go to Kansas and wanted to be in Utah, where their support system of family, friends, church associates and school peers have been for their entire lives. 

I was so relieved to hear the Guardian ad Litem represent that the girls are now officially enrolled in school, that they are completely up-to-date with school work (even beyond normal qualifications) because of the online schooling they did while they were in hiding, and that they are healthy (other than Syd having a cold this week). I'm not sure what exactly will come next but the court will most likely consider who the girls will be placed with.

I am so grateful that the girls have someone to represent them and truly speak for them! The girls will finally have a chance to have a voice. It is still a very real threat that my dad will try to get them back to Kansas. He has stated that he is saving his one trip to Utah to 'make it count' and take them back. I am supremely concerned that if they return to him, he will try to place them in a threat therapy program and they will be damaged and victimized for trying to speak out.

I have not yet been able to visit with the girls and talk to them in person, my dad's parents have been the only ones allowed to see them so far. This is violating the girls rights and they need to be able to choose to visit (or at least call) anyone they wish. I will keep you updated (as much as is appropriate) as there are many court hearings to come. Thank you all for your prayers and fasts, I know that prayers were answered yesterday and the Lord is watching. 


  1. Oh! Thank you for the update!! I will keep praying, and praying! I pray they will find a safe place to talk, and tell the truth. I pray they will find a long term safe place to grow to adulthood without any more of their rights being taken from them. I pray they will NEVER be under the full time care of their father ever again!!

  2. I don't understand why your grandparents are allowed to visit them or are even being considered as guardians. They've always defended your dad and said you girls were liars about the abuse. How is that healthy for them?

    1. The courts do not care about the best interest of the child. There is a lot of money to be made in the family court business off of traumatized children.

  3. I think the girls should be allowed to go back to Michelle and live with her. It seems obvious that they are old enough and have been held by the state long enough to report any unsafe feelings with either parent. And clearly she took good care if them for the past year and a half. If Michelle weren't safe, they wouldn't have asked her to be with them in hiding. Why should a mother who did the right thing by protecting her children at their most vulnerable lose the right to be their guardian now? It seems a no-brainer that she is their strongest advocate. After seeing the documents about Brian Wolferts, it also seems a no-brainer that he should not be allowed unsupervised visitation with these girls. And why wouldn't he want this as well, even if only to protect himself from further allegations?

  4. I watched the KUTV segment. I saw you and the two sisters that were in hiding, but I also saw another little baby. Where is she at?

  5. I am so glad that they are so up to date on schooling, aren't going back to Kansas and are safe. However, I am so sorry they are in a detention center. I don't get that. And it seems like the police are blocking you from seeing them bc they have preconceived notions you knew where they were hiding. That is so ridiculous! I wish they had a home to stay in, and I hope they are allowed to stay with you or other family in a safe and peaceful environment. How is your Mom doing?

  6. It's difficult I know
    But at some point while staying in this non bias environment - any possibility of "brainwashing" shall be considered neutralized. It may be in their best interest for the no contact for a period of time - and look even worse for Brian if his parents are permitted contact and still the girls' allegations / wishes remain unchanged.