January 8, 2016

Returning to Kansas

Throughout the happenings this week, I can't stop thinking about how my sisters told me over and over that they would run away rather than return to our dad. Then they ran. My sisters have also told me over and over that they would rather die than suffer his abuse alone, isolated from all friends and family like they were in Kansas. I am completely terrified that my sisters are going to harm themselves, run away again, or worse if they are sent back to him. My father has never offered them a place they feel safe. He continues to tell people the girls are brainwashed which I KNOW is not true.

I KNOW what the girls face if they're sent back to my father. I know because I lived it with them, and they told me he worsened even more after the move to Kansas (this was 6 months after I turned 18 and promised I would help them get out). I cannot stress the extent of the severe psychological (and even physical) punishment that he will exercise upon them.

Please, if you're never had an abusive parent, don't discount my words. You don't know what abusers are capable of. My father Brian Wolferts can and will do all he can to make my mother Michelle pay, even if it harms his own daughters. He will also do all he can to make the girls pay for speaking out against him in July of 2014, and for the 18 months they have been free from him.

This post is a desperate plea from Sydney and Dani's sister who suffered at the hands of the same abuser. If they're sent back to Kansas, I fear these things WILL take place.

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