January 4, 2016

Found and Silenced

At 3:05 A.M. on January 3, 2016, I received a phone call that my mother and sisters had been found in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  I was relieved to know they were alive and together, but worried about their overall state of being and desperately wanted to see them. (To read more how I was treated when I went to the Orem Police Department, read this post on Facebook.)

No more than a few minutes after I made my first Facebook post, the OPD posted this update stating they were holding my sisters for our father, Brian (screenshot on the right). In the press conference with Lt. Craig Martinez--which was partially aired on news channels tonight--he stated that it would be one or two weeks at most until the girls were reunited with Brian, and they would "probably" be going through some kind of process with DCFS.

This means that I have a week (two, at most) to fight for my sisters legally, without having any knowledge of where they are. They are said to be in the "state's custody", but they are not currently with Slate Canyon or any other youth facilities in the area. I'm concerned for their physical, emotional and mental welfare if they are simply delivered into the hands of our abusive father with no contact to anyone else, let alone legal protection or someone to help them have a voice. Please, please donate to my GoFundMe so that I can keep taking legal action the best I can.

My mother was recently bailed, and I have been reunited with her. She was interviewed by many of the news channels today, and KUTV is the only news channel to have posted the entire interview without cuts. Watch below:

Links to the various news articles published today:
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Link to another blog post made regarding my sisters today:
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Many of you have asked what you can do to help. I would ask to please include Sydney and Danielle in your prayers at this time. Please donate, if you can, so that I can fight for them to be heard and not placed back with our father silently. Please share their story by sharing this blog, until they are able to have the proper legal representation that they so deserve.


  1. Your mother seems like the sweetest person ever I don't get that feeling from your dad in any videos I've seen of him. Prayers for your sisters and mom that this whole mess will get worked out.

  2. I am glad at least one news station took the time and consideration to air Michelle. It is a great interview. I pray many people will see it so they can know the truth!