January 8, 2016

Wolferts Sisters Rally

Critical Information: We have organized a rally in behalf of the girls Saturday, January 9th at 10am in Orem, Utah. PLEASE COME and SHARE this information with all those who have wished to support them in the past. You can join this event here on Facebook, the address and additional information will be announced shortly. This is a "final stand" moment and a plea to come share your support.
Emergency Update: Sydney and Dani are being held incommunicado and against their will at Slate Canyon, a juvenile state prison. They are at great risk of being sent back to our abusive father at any given time. They are also being denied their right to an attorney. (The difference between a GAL and private attorney: a GAL speaks on behalf of the court and their opinion of what is in the girls' best interests while an atty speaks directly for the girls.) They are being denied any form of contact to anyone they trust and I know our father will do absolutely everything in his power to keep them silent until he has them in his grip and can silence them forever (more can be read on my last post).
Please come to the rally in support of the girls and their freedom! Feel free to contact us on the Brittany Wolferts official Facebook page and "like" for daily updates. If you are able to donate, here is the link to their legal fund. 
See you soon,

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  1. This is just how sick the court system is. They really don't look out for the kids! This is scary and I don't understand why no one takes kids feelings into consideration!!! This father is sick and he is another josh Powell in the making!! I'm living a nightmare similar to this one and it's a battle I dont wish on anyone! I'm so sorry��