November 18, 2014


My name is Brittany Wolferts, and I am the older sister to Sydney and Danielle Wolferts, who ran away July 17th of 2014.

Until now, I have remained silent, thinking it was the wise thing to do. It wasn't. You are all invested in this story in some way--whether it's emotionally, physically, financially, etc.--and you deserve to know the truth from someone who lived through everything those girls have.

I refuse to enable abuse by staying silent a second longer. My sisters deserve to have their stories told. And not only do my sisters deserve to have it told--all of you deserve to hear it. The incident with the previous Facebook site showed me that the posts need to come directly from my words.

This blog is designed in an open, honest format. I'm going to reply to valid questions and concerns. The only comments that won't be allowed will be comments that are disrespectful toward me or my mom or sisters. This is a place for enlightenment, and I seek to engage in honest, respectful, mature dialog.

To all those neighbors and community members and family who have known of my sisters suffering and have been emotionally invested in their health and safety, I thank you profoundly. You've known the truth for years and have prayed for Sydney, Dani, and I to be heard. Thank you.

To those who have recently come across our story (since July/August), I welcome you. I appreciate your openness in hearing a side that hasn't been told yet.

Thank you all for your concerns, thoughts, and prayers on behalf of my family.

Much love,



  1. Brittany, I applaud your efforts to be open and share with us your experience. I hope that you are able to find real support in your quest to keep your sisters safe from abuse. I can barely imagine how difficult this must have been for you. I plan to donate all that I can spare to your legal fund.

  2. I just donated to your GoFundMe. I hope everyone prays like I did and helps you in all the ways you need help. God bless. My heart aches for your sisters who are hiding, and for your mom as well.

  3. I hope you and your sisters do not get discouraged and give in. It is so sad that so many people that want to get on the middle of something they know nothing about are really hurting the children because they have their own hidden agenda. It was wise to remove much of the public access to this that might have harmed the girls. I choose to remain anonymous so that I do not cause them harm. I hope that one day when this is over they publish this story far and wide.

    1. Thank you, anonymous. I completely agree.