March 19, 2015

Moving Forward

Hi everyone,

I apologize in behalf of the time lapse between my last post and now. I took some much-needed time away from the clutches of the internet to focus on healing. Social media has proven to be a helpful tool, but there are definitely negative effects of having my personal story open for all the world. With that being said, I'm not going to stop fighting for my sisters. I can't. Not only because they have been the closest people to me on this earth, but because I know we have been through the same experiences. 

I also know that for whatever reason, I was put on this earth as the oldest sister of us three. I was the first to become a legal adult, I was the first to move out, I started the legal action to move custody, and I was the one who was left when they chose to run after the court refused to hear their pleas. This means that I am the sister that has to face the accusations, lies, and judgments from my dad's supporters tossed in my direction like razor-sharp frisbees. But that also means that I am the sister who has a voice right now, and I continue to choose to use my voice to speak the truth until Sydney and Dani can speak for their own experiences, too.

I would like to discuss my ideas moving forward. As time passes, important posts are buried, and I think that it would be good to refresh on the facts. Over the past few weeks, I've worked on this summary of abuse that has been previously written about in this blog. I very highly recommend visiting the links attached to each subject, as they include detailed descriptions of what occurred. It's going to be a long post, but I feel that it's necessary at this time.

After that, I will be making more posts focused on my mom and sisters. There's an awesome Facebook page that was started in my mom's behalf, called Understanding Michelle. It's a wonderful, enlightening place for those who knew my mom to post memories and share experiences of who my mom really is.

I love you all so much. I'm always thinking and praying for those who comment with their own stories. To my supporters: thank you for your donations, your time in reading my posts, sharing the links, and your words of encouragement. You're all wonderful and I wish I could thank each one of you personally!

Brittany Wolferts

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  1. I'm glad to hear that you're still working on healing because anyone who's been abused by their dad like you experienced throughout your childhood doesn't just "get over it" overnight. It can, and often does, take a lifetime of recovery. The process is difficult at best.

    I hope that you continue to focus on your dad and his abuse of your sisters, because no matter what positive things are said about your mom by you and others who know her best (and I really do love hearing about her, because I personally believe she is a brave, honorable woman who is protecting your sisters from abuse), her freedom to live her life freely once the girls come out of hiding rests in proving that she has been protecting your sisters from known abuse, which morally and legally justifies her helping them hide, as it seems she has been doing (based on the letter she sent to Dr. Phil). It is her only legal hope as the law stands now, I believe. Your best strategy for getting the family or juvenile court officials, DCFS, the FBI, or the police to do the right thing this time (after they failed to do the right thing multiple times in the past) is to be very vocal and PUBLIC about the abuse Brian Wolferts inflicted on you, your sisters, your mom, your toddler sister, and stepmom Angie too. It makes it much harder for those officials to ignore your sisters once they emerge.

    You are so brave and good to write it out for the world to be informed. I can only imagine how traumatic it must be for you to relive it while telling it. I admire you and pray for you, and hope you have the stamina it takes to keep going, despite the razor-sharp opposition trying to keep you silent or distracted from exposing your abuser. Please know that there are countless people supporting you silently for every comment that is left on social media. You are making a difference. Keep going, we are listening intently. <3