July 2, 2016

Naive and Unbelieving

*Important announcement at the end of this post.*
I have the deepest respect and love for the amazing life that Ellie Wiesel lived. He passed away today at the age of 87. For those of you who don't recognize his name, this man not only survived the absolute terror of the Nazi camps but then dedicated his whole life to making sure that the world would never forget. I will never forget his legacy.
It was both intriguing and shocking to me that Ellie had to spend so much time convincing others of what was going on. Even while his friends, family and neighbors were being rounded up into very small communities and started being put onto trains, nobody wanted to believe that they were being sent to labor camps where they would be exterminated. They wanted to believe what they were being told by the Nazi soldiers--that they were going to a less crowded and wonderful new place to live. He begged and pleaded many times with his friends but they didn't want to believe that things could be so awful...
It is absolutely appalling to me that even today, there are many who do not believe that the Holocaust ever happened. Many times, I've thought about why this could be and it is apparent to me that those people do not want to believe that something SO horrific took place in our history--very similarly to how Ellie's Jewish community didn't believe him as he begged them not to step foot on the trains which led them to their deaths.
The reason why I have pondered this topic so much is largely because of what I've been through. I have seen many abused children receive responses of disbelief from outside adults and peers when they try to speak out about what is happening to them. When I first publicly announced that my father abused me and my sisters (to shed light on the truth due to the other theories floating around of why they ran), there was so much controversy, confusion and even disbelief--even coming even from those who had known us since we were young children. It was like people did not want to believe that a member of their family, community and/or church could ever be abusive children--because that thought would be too horrific and would change the way they viewed that person.
One of the most difficult challenges in this case is rallying support from those who's fears are blocking their knowledge of the truth. If you are following this page because of a similar experience in your life, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.
Sydney and Dani weren't ever heard, and now they've been with our father for almost 4 months with no contact. 107 days of nothing except for what they said to the GAL on court record: that since being picked up from Slate Canyon, they've been extremely roughed up, traumatized, and STILL want the truth to be heard. They've been put in a program that harms children and have not been allowed to contact us. They have no idea how hard we are fighting, or all of the support they have online.
I believe the public eye has been extremely important, because it has forged a path of transparency on what has been going on in the case, which is something we never had before 2014. However, due to my current criminal case this will be my last post for a little while. Both this blog and my Facebook page are being handed over to a group of supporters, where regular updates will be shared from our newly merged page for Sydney and Dani.
I love you all. My prayers are with you and each of your individual trials. I am so grateful for all of you who have chosen to "like" my Facebook page, follow this blog and proudly show your support for my sisters, these two brave young women who have tried and tried to speak out. Keep their story alive by continuing to participate. Thank you. -Brittany



  1. I know holoucast was real i am from poland, i found it outrageus when people when people refuse to see the truth. We call autschwitz lie. I will miss you i followed your story for a long time.

    1. Wow I am honored that this post has reached all the way to Poland! Thank you for your support and for reading. I agree with you completely, it is shocking when people act so blind to truth. Thank you so much for your comment, be sure to look out for new posts that will be coming.

  2. Seems like u are lying to help ur mom out sorry not sorry

    1. Anon,

      I cannot imagine dedicating years of my life from the time I turned 18 years old to a cause of fraud or deceit--especially one that has brought so much pain and stress. Especially during the time of my life that I could have been going to college, focusing on my passions, spending more time with my husband and family and so much more.

      Ultimately I pity you for not being able to discern truth (or choosing not to see it), but for anyone who comes across this comment I will testify of the truth of this message and encourage you to revisit the hundreds of memories and events stored on this blog.

      Anon, please let me know if you have any questions I can help with. I would be happy to chat about anything.