February 21, 2016

Recorded Evidence

Click here to read Friday's Daily Herald article titled, "Daughter filing 'hundreds of hours' of audio evidence against Brian Wolferts".

This is the first time it has been made publicly known that there are recordings. I waited to release this information until my sisters were back and in imminent danger of being returned to my father. My intention has never been to destroy my father, but rather to bring to light the truth of why my sisters ran and what they are enduring. This knowledge is absolutely crucial in understanding why they are so terrified to go back to him. I will continue to defend my sisters until they are safe.

After my dad gained custody in May 2010 and continued to relentlessly emotionally drain and abuse us, I knew that our sufferings would never be understood without proper evidence. I'm hopeful that the many, many hours of recordings I took will help show the court the extensive amounts of time that my dad constantly vituperated us, attempted to alienate/brainwash us against any form of relationship with our mother and her family, attempted to destroy relationships between Syd/Dani and I, and much more.

My sisters desperately need help in continuing to fight to be heard. They are currently in imminent danger of being returned to our father and abuser. He submitted his requisition paperwork late last week and a requisition court hearing has been set for March 4th. I started their GoFundMe in August of 2014, but unfortunately most of it has been used trying to get their petition brought to court from July 2014--April 2015. The legal fees continue to climb and I fear that my sisters will be lost due to lack of finance. It is horrible that justice has a price in our situation.

That being said, I am so extremely grateful to all who have donated. I am constantly overwhelmed with gratitude as I see names of family and friends (and anonymous people) donate who are showing their utmost support for Sydney and Dani. I am also very thankful for those who cannot donate but show their support in other ways, by sharing their GoFundMe and any supportive articles and posts. Please click here to "like" and follow my Facebook page updates. I try my best to answer messages and comments sent to both the blog and the Facebook page. Thank you!!

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