March 21, 2016

Criminal Case

As my sisters' case has come to a close and the judge has made a final order granting the Kansas Requisition Request, the blog is again able to be updated. Thank you all for your patience throughout this process, and all of your support along the way. I truly cannot express my love and gratitude for every one of you (Sydney and Dani feel the same).

I opened a criminal case on January 28, 2016 against our father Brian Wolferts. As I have spent nearly two years attempting to have our evidence heard in court without success, I decided to take the evidence I had to the police department where we lived with him in Pleasant Grove from 2010-2013. The reason I hadn't done this before is the same reason I did not start filing the day I moved out in May of 2013--Sydney and Dani were in his custody, and he had complete access to punish them for ANYTHING that was uttered against him. 

In the submitted report, I detailed everything that I had witnessed while living in his home. I also included some statements made to me by Sydney and Dani, including the lewdness that was taking place (after I moved out in 2013 he began undressing after our stepmom Angie left for work and forcing them to talk with him while naked), but I also acknowledged that I hadn't seen those things firsthand and asked them to interview Sydney and Dani for their experiences. 

This document was received in response to the filing. A disturbing insight from this report is the fact that they did NOT interview Sydney and Dani for this report. I was informed over the phone that "usually the witnesses are interviewed as part of the process, however in this case they included Sydney and Dani's CJC interview as the interview for the report". Normal protocol seems to have been disregarded and they used an interview that took place the week my sisters were found, after being held under duress by the Orem Police Department and threatened to immediately be sent back to Kansas. Sydney and Dani were terrified, exhausted and silent in this interview--and understandably so.

Another disturbing fact is that they did not consider our father stripping naked and purposefully exposing his genitals to them as "lewdness". It clearly states in Utah Code 76-9-702.5 that this is the very definition of "lewdness involving a child". 

There is mention that the events that took place in our father's home are "disturbing", that Sydney and Dani made "non-specific CJC disclosures that living with their dad would not be 'safe'," and other comments regarding the situation. However in conclusion, the document states: "In short, there is a lot of smoke, but no fire." This cuts me to the core, as this says to all abused children: "Unless you are raped, burned, bruised or dead, no one will protect you from those who are hurting you."

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