March 21, 2016

Brian's Attempts to Silence Them

While hearings took place every week regarding my sisters' time in detention and the status of the requisition process, service had been attempted multiple times on our father in order to set a date in court for the petition to finally be heard. His attorney didn't accept service and every time a process server went to Brian's doorstep, no one would come to the door. After weeks of attempting service, he was approached with the paperwork while leaving the house over a weekend. It was reported verbally that after Angie threw the papers back at the process server, immediately called the police and reported that she was "accosted with paperwork" when she was simply served by means of residential service. 

Throughout the time that he adamantly avoided the petition (keep in mind that he had seen this document before and knew what we had written inside), our father continued to post online that he "wanted the girls to have a voice" and later that they "had their chance to be heard". Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth. Not only was he avoiding service to postpone the day for them to speak in court, but he was filing motions in attempts to keep my sisters from testifying at all. 

Now there is an order to return my sisters to him in Kansas, and Sydney and Dani STILL have not had a chance to be heard in court.

These documents and others can be viewed on the Documents tab.

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