March 21, 2016

Ordered to Return

On March 18th, less than 24 hours after receiving the DCFS Report, Sydney and Danielle were ordered back to Kansas. I'm sharing the following letter shared from the Facebook page, "Support Wolferts Sisters -- No More Father's Abuse" on March 20th:

Please share this message far and wide. These legal decisions may not affect you directly today but will have long lasting effects on future cases that could effect you, your children or grandchildren caught in an abuse situation.
On Friday Utah DCFS made a finding of abuse against both Brian and Michelle.
Against Brian: "Emotional Abuse against the father based on the children’s disclosure of negative and critical comments about them and the mother and a harsh environment in the father’s home. Both children expressed that they did not want to return to the father’s home." This is the second finding of abuse by DCFS against Brian.
Against Michelle: "Emotional Abuse against the mother because she encouraged/supported the children on the run for approximately 18 months despite a valid custody order granting the father custody of the children or seeking other legal alternatives to modify that order and/or protect the children which in effect was parental alienation" (for which DCFS has no criteria)
Brian also filed motions in court to prevent Sydney and Dani from testifying. It isn't surprising since DCFS found him to be abusive in the home. Ultimately DCFS made their finding of abuse but it was not without SIGNIFICANT challenges to give them a voice. They have yet to ever be heard in actual court.
The judge has ORDERED Syd and Dani to RETURN to the custody of their ABUSIVE FATHER despite the findings of abuse by DCFS. It was reported that Brian's parents "moved" to Kansas a week and a half before this ruling was made.
So to all the fellow abusers reading this (and there are a number of you) that supported Brian, there you have it. You effectively fought to have those poor girls returned to their abuser. Was this what you wanted? For children to return to a home where they have been and will continue to be abused?
For everyone else that supports the girls we invite you to continue to support. The support is still needed. Our work to ensure the girls well being, safety and security is still in the works and there are still legal proceedings to get through. You can still donate here if possible.
There are laws in place that actually PROTECT abusers. The Interstate Compact Law is one of them. This law dictates the movement of "criminal runaways" which the girls ARE NOT. Under the letter of this law, abuse is simply ignored and the victims are returned like a piece of lost luggage to its "home" which is defined as the domicile of the custodial parent (in this case the abuser).
You would expect that a state agency would step in and trump decisions that put children in harms way. The DCFS mission is "To keep children safe from abuse and neglect..." (Page 5 of the Utah State CAPTA plan). It is still possible that Sean Reyes the Utah State Attny General (email: may take the high road and put a stop to this nonsense. It is the responsibility of DCFS and the Attorney General to "keep children safe".
Brian's plans are to place the girls in a 'threat therapy' camp like here…/controversial-forced-ther_b… or here
These people make determinations for their "therapy" without ever even interviewing them. These same people are often not even licensed therapists or licensed psychologists. Many of these programs have fallen under litigation and heavy lawsuits for abuse.
The girls are shattered right now and terrified. If you feel compelled as a‪#‎mother‬‪#‎father‬‪#‎parent‬‪#‎grandparent‬‪#‎friend‬‪#‎justice‬ ‪#‎seeker‬‪#‎abuse‬‪#‎victim‬, or #abuse ‪#‎survivor‬ then I implore you to email the Utah state Attorney General ( and assertively request that he make an emergency injunction to stop these girls from being forced to live with someone that abuses them. Time is of the essence and there may be as little time as one day.

Please share this message.
Thank you,

To clarify for those who have come across the case after my sisters were found on January 3rd, coincidentally it is the same judge who ordered them back to Kansas in July 2014. They were not allowed to speak in court at that time, either.  Prior to the recent ruling from March 18th to send my sisters back to their abuser they were asked in court to prepare statements they could share with the court but they were denied that opportunity. My dad filed a motion to prevent them from testifying, and the judge seemed to side with my dad and not allow my sisters to speak.

We were able to visit Sydney and Dani over the weekend, and they are absolutely crushed after hearing of the order later on Friday. While sobbing, they made comments such as, "If I go back, I will never be the same again" and "If I go back, I will never have faith in the system again". They expressed how hopeful they had felt on Friday morning that there was a system set in place to protect children and listen to them, and how they now feel that they will never be heard.

Our hearts are completely breaking over this. We ask that you join in praying for my sisters and sharing their story that has yet to be heard.

This document and others can be viewed on the Documents tab.

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  1. Dear Brittany, I urge you to move to Kansas within walking distance of your father's home, if the girls are actually returned. You must fight from that state at this point, and give your sisters a place to seek shelter (temporarily as needed) and support. My abusive ex lives only blocks away from me and it has been a lifesaver for my children. Get as close as physically possible.