April 4, 2016

My Dad Who Terrifies Us

My sisters were released from Slate Canyon more than two weeks ago and presumably (we don't know for certain) sent back to our dad, Brian Wolferts. This was ordered by the same judge who failed to get us a hearing to discuss our abuse petition in 2014, which caused my sisters to run in the first place. 

This is the man that the judge went out of his way to send my sisters to without giving them or me a chance to testify about his abuse. This post contains mature material and I only advise adults 18 and older to continue. The following list contains things my dad has admitted to or been found by authorities to have done up to 2011. I wrote about my sisters and I in third person, in continuation with the direct quotes from therapists. I apologize for the length of this list. It's so long, yet there is so much more that could have been added. (Wouldn't it be nice if none of these applied instead of ALL of them applying to my dad.) 

Brian Wolferts:


In addition to the above list of things he did before, my dad has fought multiple times to keep my sisters and me from speaking in court about his abuse. Can there be any doubt why a man like the one described above by therapists and investigators might wish his victims (including my sisters and I) to be unable to reveal his abuse??

This is who my sisters are afraid of. This is who I'm afraid of. I admit this hesitantly because I'm certain he probably gains satisfaction at my admission. This abuser and sexual deviant is who now has my sisters behind closed doors, secluded, isolated, alone--able to retaliate against them in any way he wants. And judging from the list above, and my memories of the abuse he often inflicted on all of us in his house, I am severely worried for my sisters. They are in mortal danger. My sisters have additional harrowing details of his abuse which they have so far been prevented by Juvenile Court Judge Bartholomew from presenting in court. My dad knows what he's done, and what they are capable of telling. Therefore, he seeks to silence them. As you can see, he has every reason to want to silence my sisters.

It is hard to come to terms with the fact that my dad is unworthy of my esteem, as I value family as the most important thing in this life. But I also know that if someone abuses you--regardless of their position in your life--they fail to earn your respect, honor, and trust. My dad is my abuser. He and his supporters continue to abuse me verbally and emotionally all over social media, and they don't care about the welfare of my sisters.

I beg you to help me with my exorbitant legal fees as I attempt to get the truth of his abuse to the proper authorities to protect my vulnerable sisters. The judge has tried to prevent it so far and has helped get my sisters into the custody of this deviant abuser. Please help me! Thank you so much for your continual support!

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  1. Won't someone who is a good attorney step up and look into this case and help these sweet girls......I know them, I know their mother and sister, and they are wonderful people and NOT the monsters this father is trying to make the court believe.....This is a disgrace to the justice system...Justice it is not!!!