April 4, 2016


Every single day, I have been stressing about the location and well-being of my sisters. The feelings of not knowing where they are for 18 months but knowing that my mom was probably with them and taking care of them VS. the feelings of not knowing where they are for 14 days but knowing that they are with people that are hurting them are extremely different. Here's 5 facts that we know as of this moment:
1) The judge dismissed the petition altogether last week (there was supposed to be a hearing for it on April 18th). This takes away the chance of having the girls heard in court and seeking any kind of protection for them.
2) He also dismissed the proposed order from my dad, requesting to shut down the blog and having everyone on social media that is supporting the girls to stop or hand over their accounts, and requested for me to pay his attorney fees for making the order. (This is why I was absent for a while. It's also why the last four juvenile court documents have been removed. I didn't completely understand that even redacted, those are private/different from the public divorce case docs.)
3) When the juvenile judge ordered my sisters back to Kansas, he mentioned that Kansas was to receive Sydney and Dani with a "plan" set in place. There is absolutely no plan. They were sent back quickly and with no oversight. Nobody knows where they are or what is being done to them, not even their GAL or Kansas DCFS (who was supposed to be watching over them). Information has been requested by them and multiple other parties, and my father refuses to respond.
4) The 4th district judge signed an order sending the girls to the reunification program a few days after they were transported from Slate Canyon by the program. In this order, created by my dad and his attorney, he did NOT include information about the recent findings of abuse against himself (as well as many other facts that needed to be included). This program is located in South Carolina.
5) This program is run by people like Dorcy Pruter without licenses and they use brainwashing & threat therapy tactics to force children to say what the paying parent wants. It's that simple and that harmful. I didn't even believe something like this existed until I began researching and seeing the many court cases that are suing for children committing suicide after this program, etc. They typically take the children to a hotel for the first 5 days and separate them, break them down, etc. Then move on to isolate them from the opposite parent and family for 90+ days (they keep adding 90 days if they aren't satisfied. One mother hasn't seen or heard of her children for 230 days and counting). There is much more info I could post about this, but for now please read Hope Loudon's article published on our case. It's very informative!
Thank you everyone for helping the Facebook page grow to 700 likes, and the blog views hit over 232,000! Please keep this story alive. We can't let Sydney and Dani fall through the cracks like so many other children. They need to be given safety and protection, now!

Sunday church with our mom

October 2008: Mom gave them twin braids and they really looked like twins!

2007: Playing piano at grandma's (our mom taught piano)


  1. To the Wolferts family, ALL of you will be held accountable, either in this life, or the next. Brian has been found by DCFS to be a neglectful and a severely abusive parent...yet a corrupt judge let him have the kids anyway. You know what is going on, you know that Brian is very strange...you have seen the signs, and yet you live in fear of Jane Wolferts...you will be held accountable! Wake up, and help these girls break away from Brian...he is hurting them to save his own skin...you know something...SAVE THEM, or you all are just cowards, and a party to his abuse!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hoping this ends well for you all.