February 12, 2015


As of right now as I publish this post, my blog has reached 80,237 views.

In spite of all the negativity and anger that has been thrown at me and anyone who chooses to support the girls and I, I can see the good evolving from this. Eventually, none of the nasty remarks and speculations on our life will matter. 

The following outcome is a given: My spiritually and mentally mature sisters will continue to grow up and make their own choices regarding their own safety and what is best for them. They will make decisions regarding where Dad fits in their futures, and they will set their boundaries. As they should. No matter what gets speculated about our mom, the actual truth is she did not alienate us from our dad. He did. His abuse, inappropriate sexual behavior, controlling, unrighteous dominion, and behavior are what drove us away from him.

My sisters have just lived seven straight months of abuse-free life, something they haven't experienced before because we were forced to live with our dad part of the time our entire lives until now. I have now had a year and a half away from his abuse, and I am still affected by it. His abuse only got worse for my sisters once my dad moved them into isolation in Kansas over a year ago. The fact that my dad had been isolating them and talking of moving them out of the country is scary, and the thought that those innocent girls could right now have been isolated in a foreign country with him had they stayed there terrifies me constantly. I'm still terrified for them, because my dad is so obviously seeking to get them returned to him. He has done nothing to ensure their safe asylum, like he could have done at any time in the last seven months. Nothing. It seems completely obvious that he's scared to face us in court, because if he were innocent, he would not be avoiding me like this.

Although being in hiding isn't ideal for any child, it was their choice. After they told Dr. Hyde and the judge about my dad's abuse, and the judge removed their temporary restraining order (which meant they had to go back to Kansas and face Dad's wrath), it is no shock to me why they chose to run. And the thought that they are at least somewhere in this nation and are alive and well is comforting. Thank heavens they were spared before completely breaking down beyond repair, like they feared they might.

The other day when I was under some intense stress, my fiance told me, "You can't do anything about most of this. There's so much out of your hands. So channel everything you can do to your blog. You can keep telling people what has happened, and that's all you can do." I'm going to continue doing exactly that. The posts will continue to be published weekly (and usually more frequently than that). My sisters have a story that deserves to finally be told.

As the number of page views climbs, my hope for Syd and Dani being assured a safe place to live by the courts as soon as possible continues to climb. Thank you for everyone who has stood by me in this. Every single effort--prayers, shares, donations, moral support, encouragement and everything else--counts towards getting my sisters to safety.


  1. Beautiful post. Thank you for continuing with it.

  2. Your fiance is right. Such a shame Brian will never know ANY of his grandkids. Nor will his parents know their great grandbabies. It is their loss.
    You will be blessed for taking a stand. Brian is trying to break the girls into submission. The way he yelled at you on the show is EXACTLY what he plans to do when he sees them again. He is extreme and it makes me sad for you. He's a bully!
    I hope you're staying strong. I've spoken to many friends about this and all believe you.
    I have a friend going through a divorce with a narcissistic controlling husband who gaslights her and she finds strength in reading your blog. She has 3 little girls. Her husband has a porn addiction... i hope you know how much strength you bring to others.

    1. Does a man like Brian Wolferts really, truly care about relationships with grandchildren like regular people do? No. A man who throws a 3 month old baby across the room, and punches and shoves to the ground a 7-months-pregnant wife isn't the kind who regrets losing out on relationships. If he did, we would have seen him offer safe asylum for his scared, runaway daughters. We would have seen him try to get them help, rather than keep them afraid of returning to him.

      As for his parents who have chosen to show hate rather than love to their own grandchildren who have been abused....it is disgusting to me. What kind of sick do you have to be to help your own grandchildren be abused further?

    2. That is why I said what I did. I didn't say he'd regret anything. You interpreted it that way. I said he is a bully. He will never know his future grandkids because of his inability to give a damn about anything other than himself. I know the story very well and that Brian is an abuser.
      I said it's a shame. Not on his behalf. It's a shame he is the way he is and as a consequence... generations will avoid him because of his ways. It's a shame Angie is a part of that. It's a shame he felt the need to abuse them all. It's a shame he doesn't care about the damage he has done. It's a shame that the grandkids will forever know him as an abusive mental basket case. I never said anything about Brian showing regret as I don't believe he could feel regret. I don't think it's possible.

      Please don't add words to my post, but thank you for adding your thoughts. I agree.

    3. To Anonymous at 2:33 PM: I agree with both of your comments, and feel that we are on the same page with regard to Brian Wolferts. I am surprised you read my comment as me interpreting your comment as Brian regretting anything, or as me adding words to your post. I was trying to point out how different abusers are from truly compassionate people, using examples in this case that support the shame that it is when a dad is abusive like Brian is. I'm glad you support the girls like I do. I'm glad your friend who is divorcing a narcissistic controlling husband has an understanding friend like you as well.

    4. Anon at 10:54 and 2:33 (I think it's the same person), thank you. When you wrote "I hope you know how much strength you bring others", that made me feel so grateful. I really hope that I do. I want to dedicate the rest of my life giving others strength to share their own stories.