February 27, 2015

Update on GoFundMe Account

I find it's necessary to keep those who are donating in the loop of where my legal expenses stand, and exactly where every cent of your generous donations to my GoFundMe is going.

By the way... thank you SO much to everyone who has donated since my last thank you post a couple of months ago. You have given me a kind of support that I wouldn't have without you. You are keeping the court litigation open, and securing a chance at the girls being heard through the "proper channels." I feel that if Syd and Dani were here right now, they would thank each one of you.

Here is a full accounting of my Esplin Weight legal fees to date: 

$9,235        Legal fees incurred by Esplin Weight Sep 12 - Nov 24
($5,000)     Retainer paid to and used by Esplin Weight Sep 12 - Nov 24 (family donations)

$4,235       Amount due per Esplin Weight Attorney Bill dated Nov 26, 2014.

$1,420        Legal fees incurred by Esplin Weight Nov 21 - Dec 29
($2,000)     Payment made to Esplin Weight on Dec 1 (Gofundme donations)

$3,655       Amount due per Esplin Weight Attorney Bill dated Dec 29, 2014. 

$2,125        Legal fees incurred by Esplin Weight Dec 30 - Feb 5
($1,740.25) Payment made to Esplin Weight on Jan 20 (Lisa Soderlund art sale donation)
($2,000)      Payment made to Esplin Weight on Feb 13 (Gofundme donations)

$2,039.75  Amount due per Esplin Weight Attorney Bill dated Feb 13, 2014. 

Here is a full accounting of my Gofundme legal fund:

$5,310        Total GoFundMe donations Aug 31, 2014 - Feb 26, 2015
($463.64)    Total GoFundMe fees deducted automatically
($4,780.33) Automatic withdrawals into Troy Olson's bank account (see below)

$66.03        Remaining in GoFundMe Account as of Feb 26, 2015


$4,780.33  Total GoFundMe Earnings as of Feb 26, 2015.

($2,000)      Payment to Esplin Weight Feb 13 from GoFundMe donations
($2,000)      Payment to Esplin Weight Dec 1 from GoFundMe donations
($780.33)    Amount remaining in my uncle Troy Olson's account to be paid to Esplin Weight this month

Considering my current balance that is due to Esplin Weight right now for work they've already completed is $2,039.75, it should be clear that your donations are 100% going toward my ongoing legal fees. 

A side note: if my currently filed appeal is successful, then I will need to refill my account at Esplin Weight with the $10,000 you can see on my bill for future legal costs that will be incurred in fighting the case (that should never have been dismissed in the first place). I still need donations to pay my attorneys to help me help my sisters find safe asylum through proper legal channels. Thank you so much for your help!

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