January 18, 2015

Comment Left in Moderation 1/14/15

This comment was left on my blog in moderation, and I felt it deserved its own post to address it, in order to give any readers a chance to address it too.

First of all, my dad called me into his room when I was a teenager and blindsided me with this discussion of child pornography. It wasn't because I was "lumping him in with people who were doing such abhorrent things" (whatever that's supposed to mean?). It was only after he put his own self and my baby sister in an example of filming child pornography that I 
considered him to be on that level. He painted a picture of himself engaging in child pornography with my baby sister. He looked excited when he talked about it for 20 to 30 minutes with me, as his unwilling and extremely uncomfortable audience. As I said before, he acted like he was gloating as he told me about child pornography.

Pretend that your kid randomly gets called into the principal's office in school for no apparent reason. Once alone with your child, the principal says, "A ring of people who made child pornography was busted, right here in our state! And what's crazy is that these people have made thousands of videos of doing things to children, even in schools like ours! Do you know what child pornography is? You need to understand how it works. What happens is that adults take children as young as your 2 year old sister and perform sexual acts with them. Those adults can be my age. Can you even imagine someone like me doing something like that with your 2 year old sister? Sometimes, they hire other people to come in and do it. But sometimes, it's actually principals and their own students!"

If your child came home disturbed by this, would your response to them be, "Did you ever consider that he was trying to explain how severe child porn is, because you were lumping him in with people who were doing such abhorrent things, and he was perhaps concerned you considered him to be on that level?" Would you suggest that the principal "was simply trying to illustrate just how terrible pedophiles can be, and that he was not in that category?" 

No; you would consider him a twisted threat to your child and all children. You would immediately seek for him to be removed as principal.


  1. I believe he harmed you all as babies and stopped when you were old enough to talk. Like any sociopath he is upset he cannot gloat about his harming you so this is as close as he can get. I pray that isn't the case, but that if I am right, you never have memory or damage from it.

    1. I agree with the comment above. It seems that he did something and he's trying to feel the girls out to see if they remember. Sick and twisted way he gets gratification. Dads don't usually sit their girls down and discuss child porn in such a graphic way. This is NOT normal by a long shot.

      This comment was made by someone who is trying to consider both sides. They forget to consider that he is, in fact, a pedifile. Lewdness falls in that category. Are we going to try to decide how much of a pedifile he is? Which type he is? If he's in that category...? He is what he is.

      I am baffled that a few people still read this blog and STILL try to question you!!

    2. incredible.... absolutly incredible.. Facts are all there in black and white... Whats wrong with the judicial system.....

  2. It is sooooo sad to see how hard a few people try to keep their head in the sand... In truth if you lined up all of the things Brian says and looked at them ALL AT ONCE you would see that they are lies, that they can not all be true at the same time. But he is good at what he does. He set up his excuse before he even had this lewd conversation with Brittany. The very conversation was set up to be "believable" to someone who wants to keep their head in the sand. He keeps influence over people through many tricks. One trick is to keep everyone focused on his lies one at a time, so no one ever looks at the pattern.

    1. You make a great point here with how Brian manipulates with many lies, I've been watching this whole thing unfold for the last 5 months. Brian has made only a few comments under his name specifically on facebook or elsewhere. They have all been lies. I remember early on when he made a post to his facebook followers to gain some kind of sympathy where he even lied about Michelle divorcing him. There were other lies but this simple truth was easy to uncover by looking at the public divorce documents. Then there was that weird lie about what was really going on with Abby's hips. Now he has all kinds of people propagating his lies for him so he doesn't get directly blamed. He is a coward of the highest order in my opinion. Too afraid to even face his daughters in court. It only means one thing...HE'S GUILTY!

    2. Mary, it is so wonderful you have been there for the girls all this time...

      You describe very clearly his sly manipulations. Unfortunately it seems he has only gotten better at lying.

      Yes, I agree... he is a coward!

  3. "No, I will not stop! For every minute for the rest of my life, I will fight. And I will never stop fighting until I get away from you!" - Rapunzel, Tangled

    Syd and Dani you can do this!!!