January 16, 2015

Random Memory #11: Attracted to Cousin

One day when I was 17, my dad (Brian Wolferts) came into my bedroom.
     "So... your cousin Gideon."
     "Yeah?" I replied hesitantly. I couldn't imagine why Dad had suddenly come into my bedroom to randomly talk to me about my cousin from Washington who was two grades behind me in school.
     "Are you excited to see him at your mom's family reunion?"
     "Of course." I said. It was a no-brainer; I only saw him once a year at my Grandma's house when his family came to visit Utah. I was confused why my dad even asked.
     "Do you have a crush on Gideon?"
     "Do you have a THING for him?"
     "Ew, NO!" My mouth dropped open and I was completely disgusted.
     "A lot of people have an attraction to their cousins. It's completely normal. I had a thing with my cousin, you know. It lasted a while. I would get really excited to see her when family reunions were scheduled. We would sneak off together and stuff. I even kissed her a couple times." He was talking about his female cousin on Omi's (his mom's) side of the family. His eyes gleamed in the strangest way while he told me this. I can still remember how excited he looked. It grosses me out so much to recall it... it even makes me nauseous. "It's okay Brittany, you can tell me how you really feel about him. It's normal."
     "Dad! I do NOT have "a THING" for Gideon!" I remember my horror at the thought of my dad kissing his cousin and sneaking off with her. Has he told anyone before? Did their parents know? I thought. Why is he telling me this? Seeing the look in his eyes, I knew he was telling me for the pure enjoyment of my discomfort and shock.
     "Well, I just wanted to tell you that it's perfectly natural if you do."
With that, he abruptly left my room while I sat there gaping in shock.


  1. I could throw up. Not shocking to hear about him... shocking that his cousin holds that secret, too. Is he older than this female cousin? Younger? He was fantasizing about it again... he is completely into intimacy within family blood. I'm repulsed. I'm wondering if he possibly sexually abused any other family members. Hoping they come forward.

    1. Considering the reception she got from his side of the family when she went to them for help, I assume that if Brian's cousin DID come forward, she was met with the same victim shaming.

    2. Sad. I agree. The cycle of abuse continues. I hope that cousin speaks up.

  2. What the....? I am Gideon's mom and this is disturbing on SO many levels! Brian is REPULSIVE!

  3. I don't think Gideon is aware of this...I hope that the people who support Brian realize that he is sick and twisted.

  4. He is a Sick man!!!