January 2, 2015

Random Memory #9: Crimes Against Women 1

My dad often told my sisters and me detailed stories of crimes against women.

One time I remember him sitting us all down, saying “I need to tell you what happened on the news today.” He went on to describe a story about a pregnant woman who was befriended by another seemingly nice woman in a grocery store. Dad told us that when the stranger offered to help the pregnant lady out with her groceries, she got in the car with her afterward and “sliced the pregnant lady’s belly open." 

I started asking Dad if it was necessary for us to hear all the details. I asked him politely to stop. He didn't care. "Then," he continued, "Her bladder and guts spilled out of her and the lady ripped the baby out of her tummy, and cut the cord. Then she cut the lady and left her to bleed out in her car.” My dad discussed with us all possible reasons and thoughts the crazy lady might have had that made her decide to kill the pregnant woman.

I attempted to stop his story multiple times, saying “Dad, I don’t think we need to know about this to this extent. I don’t think Sydney and Dani should be hearing this. I’m uncomfortable – all of us are uncomfortable.”

But instead of stopping, Dad told me that we needed to hear this. When I asked why,he said “if you don’t know about all of this, then how are you going to know to defend yourself against all those crazy people?”

Anytime I questioned my father about telling such grisly and violent stories against women, he would give the reason that when me or my sisters encounter this stuff, we need to "be prepared."

These stories terrified us, and I would think that if he truly wanted to "prepare" us, he would teach us self-protection or put us in a class. Instead, he chose to tell us gory details that made us wonder why he was thinking about the story so much. And why on earth he felt he needed to share it with us in extreme violent detail. Telling us that we needed to know what happened to other women to be prepared for when it would happen to us petrified us!


  1. What sick behavior! There is absolutely NO rational reason for him to share such graphic, grisly details--especially after being asked to stop because it was making you all uncomfirtsble. No benefit could come from him relaying a vivid account of such a violent act, which leads me to think he was doing this for himself and deriving a sick pleasure from making you girls uncomfortable. Deliberately terrifying your children is not "preparing" them--it's traumatizing them.

    1. That was my same thought Michelle. Telling them "what IS going to happen" seems much more traumatizing than preparatory for anything.

  2. After reading about your dad Brian Wolferts terrorizing poor little Abby by forcing her to watch him throw away her beloved bear, and how he takes her screaming into a bedroom, locking the door, and making her scream for hours multiple times a week....I'm highly concerned for her safety. His constant talking about sexual topics, child porn using Abby as an example, and his telling you to expect harm to come to you...all of this really scares me for you and your sisters. This is simply not normal father behavior. Something is VERY wrong. I support you in your efforts to help your sisters find safety.

  3. Jane and Edgar Wolferts should be Forced to sit down and listen to ALL of Britt's blog...then be made to answer the tough questions as to why they would not come to the aid of their three innocent granddaughters, Abuse began in their home, with an overbearing and abusive mother, Jane, and a mild mannered father, Edgar...they fostered this behavior of Brian's...one who perpetuated, and one who looked the other way...this cycle needs to stop now...this is in regards to Angie, who must stop this for the sake of Abbie. Jane and Edgar...God will hold you accountable, as well as Brian and Angie, and any others in your family who have been witnesses to this abuse. You all are blind to your very grave sins!