December 30, 2014


Some of you may have been following the strange and confusing antics happening on Facebook this week. Yesterday "Mel Bittner" re-opened the Facebook Cause page called 'Missing Wolferts girls - finding the answers.'. A brief description of this woman's role, for those who feel they are in the dark in this:

As soon as my family's situation became public back in August, "Mel" pretended to be one of my biggest supporters.  She gained my trust to help with my Facebook page, and informed me to stay away from the page to 'legally protect' myself. I believed and trusted her. In early November, she suddenly hijacked it from me and my uncle, removed all other admins, and shut it down just before openly supporting my father. Her lies, threats, misrepresentations, and disrespectful behavior are repellent to reasonable people, which is her aim. I am deeply saddened by the confusion being created by those like "Mel" who want to distract me and others who want to support the girls.

Please remember that all strange and confusing behaviors on social media are designed for three purposes:

  • To create doubt about my integrity
  • To deflect focus away from admitted pedophile Brian Wolferts (my father) by allowing him to hide behind other's excuses for him
  • To cause me to lose focus on my desire to protect my younger sisters

I am not losing focus. I am still determined to get my sisters the help they need to be officially protected. I can still close my eyes and remember the look on their faces as they begged me to leave when I reached legal adulthood, so I could help them escape my father's abuse. I was the first one out of the three of us to have a voice legally for the first time in our lives. I am going to continue to speak the truth.

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."


  1. Brittany, you are brave and just. Keep fighting for your sisters. We are listening. We want to help you be protected.

  2. A book needs to be written! Look at all the people who are reading your give courage to others who suffer abuse, and help them to be strong...keep your notes, file away for your future book...Brian Wolferts AND his family will be exposed, and so will the good Mormon facade that they keep...not all Mormons are good Mormons, and this means you Jane and Edgar Wolferts...for not standing up for your innocent granddaughters!

  3. I'm disgusted that this woman would stoop to this level of deceit in order to try and protect an abusive man, and in turn, hurt the innocent victims of his abuse. The fact that this man's supporters need to resort to these vile, deceitful tactics just shows the weakness of their beliefs and claims. If they had truth on their side they would have no need to lie. If their claims were founded in fact and reality, there would be no reason to engage in such dishonest, immoral and fraudulent behavior. The fact that they have no qualms about blatantly lying in such egregious ways as posing as someone who is supportive in order to gain trust, and doctoring emails to try and smear an honest person's character really says it all. Disgraceful.

  4. I've stopped reading the slanderous facebook pages Mel runs with her creepy group of friends. They all appear to be people I'd stay away from anyways as they look "off." It's clearly a group of lunatics hiding behind their computers. It's also very obvious that they are trying to further harass and abuse Brittany. They've read the blog yet say they have heard nothing alarming. They are idiots. Any level headed human can see what is happening here so... congrats, you've got all the smart, level headed folks on your side.
    I hope you're able to understand that the way they are speaking about you is to emotionally abuse you.
    Your step mother needs to understand that there are serious penalties for covering up abuse. :( Brian is clearly an abuser or he would have stopped the public abuse already.