December 5, 2014

Random Memory #5: Temple Square

I'm still ill over this next memory of abhorrence. 

During a Christmas holiday family outing to Temple Square during December of 2013 just before my Dad moved my sisters to Kansas, we traveled in a caravan of multiple cars to a couple of destinations. At two different points during the night, either Syd or Dani were with me in the back seat of our grandparents’ car just ahead of Dad's car. Whichever one of them wasn't in the car with me was riding in the car with Dad and Angie. 

Months later, during their first visit to Utah from Kansas, one of them told me about this incident because it disturbed her so much. (The reason why it took months for them to disclose the incident to me was because all communication was monitored in Kansas to my mom and I. To read more about that, click here.) Immediately the other one said that it had also happened to her during the time that she had been alone in the car with Dad and Angie that night. I can't recall which sister reported it first, but I do remember they both had been disgusted by Dad suggesting what he did.

What happened was this: that holiday night, Dad pointed out to Syd while she was alone in his car with him and Angie that the grandparents' back car window up ahead was foggy. He said to her, "Why do you think the window is foggy? What do you think Brittany and Dani are doing to make it foggy like that?" Sydney was instantly scared by his suggestive tone. "Their heads seem close together... Are Brittany and Dani kissing each other??" Sydney was absolutely shocked at the mere thought that Dad conjured that image up. She was even more mortified at the fact that he was trying to put that image in her mind! Syd told me that Dad then laughed about what he'd said, as Sydney sat speechless in absolute and utter horror. 

Apparently, when Dani was alone with him and Angie in their car as we traveled to another destination, he said the same thing to her. When he suggested the grandparents' steamy window was probably due to "Brittany and Syd kissing each other", Dani was just as stunned and freaked out as Sydney. To say they were 'uncomfortable' would be a terrible understatement. When the girls told me about this situation, they said they were both sick to their stomachs just recounting it. 

The fact that he made reference to me passionately kissing each of my sisters out loud to them both suggests to me that he either enjoyed the lewd thought of an incestuous kiss between me and my sisters, or he enjoyed the disgust he was inciting with his lewd suggestions to them, or both. Either way, it is highly disturbing on so many levels that I can't even describe. Hearing my sisters describing what happened left me literally in shock, and it was obvious they had still not even been able to recover from the incident months later when they told me about it.

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  1. This is sexual abuse. If a random man walked up to a child in a school parking lot and said, "I bet you like to kiss your little sister... do your sisters kiss? Is that why you're so close, because you're all kissing?" He would be in JAIL for lewd acts on a child.
    Your dad likes to perpetrate on you girls and make you squirm, sexually. Yes... he had the image of you girls kissing in his mind prior to whenever he saw the window fogged up... he is so far into pornography that he can't distinguish between what is appropriate and assuming his 3 daughters are having a lesbian love affair. He wants to think that's what is happening so that his fantasies are fulfilled. Just like him bringing up child porn to you. He wants you to see what's in his mind. Men who are disturbed cannot hold it in. They can't hide their perverted thoughts and they blurt things out which normal men would never say. Angie enables the abuse and if she doesn't start telling the truth, she's going to be alone with him for the rest of her life. Abby WILL grow up. She will probably run away, too. She will remember what your dad has done and she will resent Angie for not helping her as a child. Abby is going to turn 18 and never speak to them again. She will get therapy and try to heal on her own. These aren't assumptions... they are facts based on statistics. The only reason child protective services didn't take Abby is because 1) Angie probably lied. 2) the girls aren't there to tell what they saw.

    When Abby gets older she will recognize Angie as an enabler, not a mother. She will recognize Brian as an abuser... not a father. Abby will walk away, just as you girls have, and Angie WILL be left to grow old with the man who took everything away from her... but gave her shelter and food and sex. That's what she will have up until Brian decides he wants more and starts having affairs again...and leaves Angie in the dirt. That is what statistically happens when women are abused and they don't protect their kids! Just like satan... he will push everyone away from you, Angie... then he will leave you.

  2. I wish healing for you girls and I hope one day Brian Wolferts is a documented child predator because this certainly must meet the criteria of lewd and lascivious acts with a child.

  3. Disturbing. Absolutely disgusting. I'd be scarred for life. You're so strong!!