December 9, 2014

Why I'm Worried About Abby

Sweet little Abby in summer 2013
One day sometime in 2012, Angie came home from the doctor and in an unguarded moment told me that Abby's doctor had examined Abby and told her that Abby limped because she had a problem with her hips caused by physical trauma of some kind - an injury she had not been born with. (Abby had been limping since she first started walking). Angie seemed confused about what kind of trauma Abby could have endured, guessing that perhaps Abby fell very hard at some point, but my sisters and I looked at each other and we knew immediately. Angie revealed that the doctor said Abby needed physical therapy to try to fix the problem, and if that didn't work, surgery would be necessary. There was even a long-term leg brace in question. 

When my dad came home from work and heard about the doctor's examination results, he pulled Angie into the bedroom and shut the door, where he berated her for discussing the details with us and must have told her to never talk about it any more to anyone. (I'm assuming he ordered her to never speak of it again, because of the fact that after he talked with her it was suddenly taboo for her or anyone else to make a single comment about Abby's limp/injury).

They started having a physical therapist come to the house to work with Abby, but they came only during school hours, or whenever Syd, Dani, and I weren't home. My dad wouldn't let anyone discuss even the physical therapy. One time I remember one of my sisters asking at dinner about how Abby's PT was going, and my dad silenced her and changed the subject before she got an answer. So we knew the subject was off limits.

The public scrutiny of our situation with our father has brought out much discussion that he clearly does not want to have. I'm worried about Abby because knowing what I know about the doctor's recommendations and Abby's physical therapy, the following contradictions coming from my dad and his supporters have me pretty convinced that something is wrong where Abby is concerned. I'm so worried about her.


The following debate complete with screen shots happened on my previous Facebook page called Missing Wolferts girls - finding the answers during the period of time when my Uncle Troy was serving as editor along with a volunteer admin calling herself "Mel Bittner"--I'm not certain if that is her real name or not--they were both posting as "Missing Wolferts girls - finding the answers." ("Mel Bittner" has since deleted that page, so I am forced to recount it for you using screen shots for accuracy). My uncle told me what happened, and I am sharing it here so that you can get a better idea of why so many of us are concerned for my youngest sister who still lives with my dad.

On September 16, Angie wrote a comment in a thread on their Facebook page that was almost missed among 27 other comments about passing out flyers to find Syd and Dani:

This prompted a discussion on the Finding the Answers page about what kind of surgery Abby had undergone. Within a few hours, one of my dad's biggest and most vocal supporters, who is a close friend to my dad's parents Jane and Edgar Wolferts, wrote the following two comments on Facebook in two separate discussions:

Because Allison's comment about passwords and hip surgery was posted to my dad's Facebook page, and because Abby's surgery was being questioned on the other pages, he decided to post the following post that completely contradicted Allison:

On November 4th, Angie had been commenting on the Finding the Answers Facebook page, and a commenter ("Elle Frank" who is Lisa Soderlund, who supplied me the screen shots upon my request, and who verified my uncle's account of what happened) confronted Angie in a separate post about the contradictory statements that had been made by my dad and Allison Allred on September 16th. The post included the above screen shots from Allison and my dad, and directly asked which one was the true story. Lisa and others stated concern over the conflicting reports about Abby's surgery, and how Abby wasn't in Dani's birthday video. Her (Abby's) absence seemed strange and suspicious to her and many others. Here is the response by Angie, saying that Allison's claims about a hip problem were "not legitimate"...and it was only up for a few minutes before Angie deleted it (probably because Mel as admin had posted the comment you see there about displaced hips in a toddler being a "sign of sexual abuse and this is frightening with his sexual history":

Then Angie (sounding suspiciously like my dad) posted the following post, and in the comments below, people asked Dad or Angie to produce a medical bill to prove it was a tonsillectomy and prove the allegations wrong. He refused to do that, and has still never done it. Why wouldn't he be anxious to prove his innocence in this serious question about my sister? It would have been so easy to just snap a pic of my sister's bill.

Shortly after that post, which was also deleted, Allison stopped posting on any of the pages, when before she had posted multiple times every day since late August when this all became public. Additionally, the posted Fundly trust fund for my dad (that Allison's husband set up) was removed that day from my dad's Facebook page. There was no statement about why she was leaving, she just disappeared from the discussion. 

A few weeks ago, someone who had been a staunch supporter of my dad claimed to have become disenchanted with my dad and his supporters, and she reached out to my uncle and gave him screen shots to suggest that there has been a secret, closed Facebook group called "Save The girls" which Allison and Angie are a part of. If the following shared screen shot is true, it seems Allison isn't upset by Angie calling her "not legitimate." On November 16, Angie told this secret group that "Abby has never had a hip thing." She also suggested that Jane (my paternal grandmother) is the one who told Allison "that Abby had a hip thing." Angie also suggested that Abby has one leg that is longer than the other but has never had hip problems." This directly contradicts the discussion Angie and I had after Abby's doctor appointment when I lived there.

This is the first time I've ever heard the idea that Abby has one leg that is longer than the other being promoted by Angie. Why is Angie now saying to people that Abby has never had hip problems when she herself reported to me that Abby's pediatrician had diagnosed a hip problem? Why would Omi (my paternal grandmother) have told Allison that Abby had hip surgery if that isn't what happened? What possible reason could Omi have had to make up a specific detail like that? It makes no sense for her to have lied, but my dad has every reason to lie and keep a fact like "a hip problem caused by physical trauma of some kind" from the public. I know my sister had a hip problem that the doctor said she wasn't born with. I believe that Abby had hip surgery on September 15th and that my dad and Angie are covering it up with lies. I want to be wrong, but until I see a medical statement proving a tonsillectomy, I must assume that it is my dad who is lying. I have sadly witnessed him lying countless times in my life.


  1. Scary stuff! Even if there is an innocent explanation, all of the lying and covering up is just beyond weird. So the grandma tells Brian's Fundly person Allison that Abby had a hip problem, but that she was born with it. Brittany says her mom told her that Abby had a hip problem that she wasn't born with. And now the mom Angie is telling Allison that the grandma lied to her about there being any kind of hip problem at all and that the surgery was a tonsillectomy. Oh, and little Abby suddenly has one leg longer than the other? What the freak is going on there? Why would the grandma just make up the hip problem that Brittany corroborates if Abby never had a hip problem? And why didn't they just produce the medical bill if it really was a tonsillectomy? All the lying and covering up (not just of this incident but on so much else) makes me seriously worried for little Abby and for the older girls if they are found and sent back to that home. I really truly hope and pray that the authorities will finally do the right thing and protect these girls--all of them! This guy makes me so flipping sick. "Popsicles and pudding," eh? But no teddy bear (because he threw it in the trash)! Sickening.

    1. My hopes and prayers are right with you, in hoping for the authorities to finally do the right thing and protect all of us. Your last couple sentences reminded me of Mia's comment on one of the more recent posts:
      It's an entirely different topic, but she did a fantastic job of summarizing how we felt (even as small children, Abby's age) living in his home. There was always a show being put on for everyone else. There was always a, "look, I'm a perfect parent" side to him that he would whip out to keep others from questioning. Secretly, though, he would do things to completely terrorize. Then would come the minimizing of his actions. It was a terrible pattern that all three of us knew too well.

  2. I can't imagine what kind of explanation there can be for such a strong case of differing stories being spread by the same camp whose main goal it seems is to exonerate Brian Wolferts despite so much evidence that points to him being abusive. I think he should produce the medical bill, and if that gets produced and verified, I think that Allison and/or Omi then need to explain why either of them lied to everyone on behalf of Brian Wolferts. Because if he didn't lie, one or both of them obviously did. I can't imagine why they would do so at the expense of an at-risk toddler who can't defend herself.

    1. I think that if there is an innocent explanation, there should be absolutely no problem for them to produce the medical bill. None at all. I agree with the second part of your comment as well.

  3. Someone please remove that child from their home. They are clearly lying.

  4. How did you ever endure so much of this for so long? I really feel for you. This information shared about the people manipulating others clearly are hiding things about your dad. I've seen this kind of corruption that goes on in the family courts and more often then not the abuser gets the children. It is heartbreaking. This will be shared with many friends and family. Keep your chin up!

    1. Kim, thank you so much. Your sympathy is touching and it is obvious to me that you have seen what the family courts can get away with. Thank you for your encouraging words <3

  5. Brittany- have you contacted the department of family services where they currently live and made them aware of what Angie had said to you regarding Abby's hips? They need to be investigating this!
    With all the other children out of the home, sadly little Abby will be the only target.

  6. I've been reading this blogpost since last night after I came across a video regarding your 'missing' sisters who have been found. I am really glad that you and your sisters are speaking up against your dad and that you all know this isn't righ . I am actually assured that your sisters will be safe because right now, I am more worried about Abby. You did mention in one of your posts that Abby is afraid of being alone with your dad. This says a lot on what is happening behind closed doors. In addition, seeing that Abby has an injury possibly due to your father's abuse is just backing it up. You and all of your sisters are beautiful and it is heartbreaking to see these happening to all of you and Angie. Please be strong and keep fighting against your father! Your voices will be heard and recognised one day!

    Love from Singapore!