December 30, 2014

I Do Not Make Up Anything

Here is a screenshot of the photoshopped email that "Mel Bittner" posted in the early hours of the morning on December 30 to try to paint me as a liar.

From "Mel":

Here is the actual email between the three of us.

From my Gmail history:

From Lisa's Gmail history:


  1. This woman is straight up slandering you girls. This must be stopped.

  2. It is obvious that Mel is desperate to weave confusion and outright LIE to people to get them to back off of supporting these worthy girls who need all of us to help them stay safe. I believe there is a special corner of hell for people so morally bankrupt that they seek to return scared girls to an abusive, admitted pedophile of a father.

  3. You are amazing Brittany, it's so hard to understand why people would be so cruel to make all these things up. But you are strong and I pray everyday for you, your sisiters, mom, and everyone else involved.