December 11, 2014

Where Is My Mom?

I've been getting a lot of questions and concern about the whereabouts of my mom, in addition to much speculation from supporters on both sides about whether or not I am worried about my mom who is also missing.

I hope that she is safe in a shelter where she and my sisters can remain free from abuse. As I have said before, I have never felt safer than when my sisters and I lived in a shelter with Mom. I want to believe my sisters have found a good shelter to live in until they can emerge once the courts have established official, permanent safety for them. I hope that they asked my mom to be with them to protect them until the court grants them official safety. I simply don't know where they are; I assume they kept me in the dark about their plans in order to protect me.

I hope and pray that the court hears our pleas and helps my sisters. I will keep trying to help them get heard. To do this, I need your help financially because it is expensive trying to get the courts to listen.


  1. I'm reading this story and seriously hoping they are in a shelter. Your momma is SO strong. Any good mother would help her babies in an abuse situation. If she gets in legal trouble for helping them, I will fly there myself and protest. Anyone who has experienced abuse hears your stories and understands the misery experienced in that home. Even those who haven't been abused can see this blog and know that there was severe trauma happening on a daily basis. I wish I could talk to your mom and tell her how amazing she is! I'm sure you were traumatized when your sisters ran. I hope they stay safe and close to your mom.

    1. I appreciate this, and I know my mom would too. She is strong. All that I am, I owe to her.