December 10, 2014

Brian Wolferts

The following is documented on my Timeline tab. It is a compilation of experiences as told to me by Sydney and Dani, as well as my own words regarding our dad, Brian Wolferts:

  • As small children he would violently shake, shove, slap, throw, wrench our skin, pull our hair, jamb his elbow in to our abdomen and knock our heads with knuckles or thumb and forefinger, etc.
  • He often picks up my youngest sister Abby (who is 3 now) in a very unusual way by gripping his hands around her upper thighs and carrying her by her upper thighs in to her room, where he locks the door against anyone else entering.
  • We have seen him physically hurt her, and have seen many bruises on her upper thighs. We have been too afraid to take pictures because he always checks our phone and obsessively controls us in order to find out about every single thing we do or say.
  • When he takes her screaming into the room, locks the door, and prevents her mother and everyone else from entering, we have overheard a pattern of her going from 5 to 10 minutes of intense screaming to, about 15 seconds or more of abrupt silence, screaming again then silence, which is followed by a long period of crying. We have often wondered if it is possible for her to be dead during her sudden total silence after screaming only because we can’t think of anything that would cause her sudden silence. This has happened approximately 2 to 3 times a week beginning from around the time she was 1 and 1 1/2 years old, which would make it over 200 times.
  • He has slapped been verbally abusive and constantly been extremely cruel to our stepmom in front of us on a weekly basis, constantly making her cry.
  • During the approximate three months that he started constantly telling us in-depth details about Josh Powell he would obsessively describe disturbing details about the way Josh Powell’s mind worked, tell us in great detail about how Josh Powell thought, and give us many painstaking details about all the various kinds of tactics Josh Powell used. This was extremely uncomfortable for us because he was near precisely describing himself and the ways that he acted and thought.
  • He often performs an abusive or negative act, immediately claims that others have performed his acts, then pretends that he is being grievously victimized by those very people he has acted upon. He has convinced many people through this pretend victim acting.
  • He has brought up leaving the U S., and we are sure he is planning another move in the same way that he secretly planned to move us quickly away from Utah.
  • My dad's abuse has caused my sisters and I to experience physical damage through various illnesses and symptoms of prolonged emotional distress through: varying degrees of shock, nauseas, severe headaches, bed wetting, nightmares, Celiac’s Disease symptoms, flashbacks, and overwhelming desire for our lives to end—at times with an imminent threat of complete emotional breakdown.

    1. I am still completely shocked that anyone could read even just this small list that doesn't even come close to all of what he has done that you have shared on your blog, and still support Brian Wolferts. It really shocks me that people are so quick to give this guy a pass. Why? What's in it for them?

      1. I have no idea. It's a question I wonder a lot, especially when I see some who blow off every blog post like it's nothing. Why?

    2. Nicolette Thomas12/10/14, 8:44 PM

      I've been following this for a long time and can't stand for one more minute the people that think you have something to gain from having to relive your memories of abuse so you can hopefully gain protection for your sisters. Your father Brian Wolferts should not have the privilege of even having a family. I feel so sorry for you and your sisters and even what your mom must have endured. I see you together one day as a family with you, your sisters and your mom all unified against this evil and corrupt man.

      1. Nicolette, thank you for your comment. I agree with you... I don't understand how people think there is even a part of me that wants to be reliving everything. I want to go to school, I want to plan the wedding, I want to try to live a normal life since I'm out of his home. It's absolutely ludicrous for anyone to suggest I get an ounce of enjoyment out of this. But what else can they argue, if they are trying to smear my experiences? Nothing. The truth will continue to be published here, and they will continue to say that it's full of lies and/or that I'm doing this out of some twisted enjoyment. As a message to all of them: Truth prevails. There will one day be light, and eventually the girls will make their choice as adults.

    3. Pray mightily against this pedophile -pervert. He has no business left in life but to be executed in an ignominious manner, which is precisely what he deserves. He has no business being a father to anyone. Also pray against the abusive, Gadianton-like judges who awarded the father custody for large amounts of money.

    4. The truth shall set you free. It is hard to relive the abuse through expressing it openly, but it is essential to proper healing. I hope the best for you and your sisters.

    5. He can't take away your courage.