January 15, 2015

Sydney's Writings

I'm going to dedicate a couple posts on all of the alienation speculation going on, because not only does it affect me, but it affects my sisters.

There are statements such as "Brittany is the only one coming up with this stuff, so she's alienated", "Sydney and Dani haven't spoken about abuse", and even "If there was really abuse, Sydney and Dani would have come forward about it" circulating the internet. (And those are just to name a few.) No, I am not the only one claiming abuse. Sydney and Dani have spoken about it, in the ways that they could without facing Dad's wrath for doing so. This post is to highlight one of Sydney's writings, and also to encourage everyone to look at the Documents tab where there are multiple journal entries from both Sydney and Dani.

Until I turned 18, the only way I felt I could express myself was through my private journal entries and by confiding to my close friends. My sisters have tried to speak about the abuse they suffered in many ways as well. They told me of it when we lived together at dad's house, and continued to tell me of it after I moved away. What they disclosed to me compelled me to get them an appointment with Dr. Hyde, who believed them. He stood up for them and agreed they would be severely emotionally harmed (see #10) if sent back to Dad's. Sydney and Dani also wanted to tell a judge. They ran away rather than go back to Dad's abusive house. They made a video, stating that they are not safe there and that they would rather live in a box than go back there (and they had told me that very same thing on both visits home to Utah between December and June). They stated they will run away again if forced to live there. They also wrote journals outlining their experience, as I had.

Here is what Sydney wrote, outlining what she heard our dad (Brian Wolferts) telling her on a weekly basis. I highly encourage you to read the entire first three pages.

If you're interested, the next page (titled "My Only Freedom") was something she wrote for school, which she won an award for. She hid it from Dad because that poem was her expressing how she felt living in his custody, but she explained the imagery of her poetic words to me. When she writes, "it's like talking to a rock. There is no significance to my voice." she is referring to our dad as the rock. When she writes, "...like I used to when I was three. Before the mix-up." She is talking about before the divorce. When she writes, "Everyone expects me to cope with it," She's talking mostly about Dad when he would repeatedly tell us to "get over" the custody change that altered our world. She also felt there were other adults he associated with that expected the same thing of her. The page after that is a poem Syd wrote for me after I moved out, "ancrer mon ├óme" ("Anchor My Soul"). I hold it close to my heart.

If Sydney saw what has been said about her and Dani being alienated by Mom, I know she would be offended and hurt. Here they have put everything on the line to speak out about what my dad said and did to hurt them, in the best ways they could, only to be shot down. Sydney is a passionate writer, and obviously chose her words very carefully. In her moments of deepest pain, she would write to express herself. Shame on anyone who claims her writings are false.

Stay tuned for the next post, and thank you for everyone's supportive comments!


  1. Crystal clear that these girls have been traumatized! Shame on Brian Wolferts and his blind followers!

  2. It hurts to see the pain in these writings that Syd has suffered. It is a beautiful poem she wrote about you! She is a great writer.

    1. She really is. That poem helps me through difficult times like nothing else.

  3. Syd writes down some of the things her dad says. If you follow the pattern of Brian accusing others of doing what he is doing then his words could read like this.
    "Dad hired expensive lawyers to charge mom.
    Dad is a liar, and an abuser
    Dad has brain/ emotional problems.
    Dad joined a secret "cult" of men who come up with secret wasy to break the law, and accuse women.
    The "cult" of men love being divourced.
    Dad sit us down and tell us horrible thigns about mom. Then "reward" us for listening and telling lies about him.
    Dad lives just to oppress his family members and obsesses over destroying their happiness."

  4. This statement from Syd's writing kicks me in the gut "Says because he was in the bishopbrich that he is chosen of God, and God only cooses "righteous men." " This is spiritual abuse.

    1. It is, and it's such a hard form of abuse to describe!

    2. It really is! And it is very hard to work through.

  5. From Syd's writings she recorded that her dad said "He is the only man in the house and the women never listen & turn against him."
    My dad said the same thing. I was one of five daughters. Then he started instituting rules about what we could say about him.